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The Perrotis College academic program is taught by a core of dedicated, highly qualified and caring full-time instructors, along with a part-time staff made up of professionals from the tourism and food industries, agribusiness, farming, landscaping, environmental science, soil science, horticulture, livestock management and other fields. Full-time faculty also provide academic advising to all students and assist them through various other administrative and student services, including coordinating each of the academic programs; providing career and post-graduate study guidance and referral services for personal and learning challenges counselling; and organizing student study visits and field trips. Owing to the community atmosphere of the College, faculty spend ample time with students outside the classroom, organizing informal meetings and tutoring sessions, participating with them in cultural and extra-curricular activities, and simply being available to provide students with guidance or assistance as necessary. 


As of October 2016, Dr. Athanasios Tsaftaris has assumed the Deanship of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies at Perrotis College. As former Minister of Agricultural Development and Food (2012-2014), and Emeritus Professor at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Dr. Tsaftaris was tapped to provide the outstanding leadership required to move Perrotis College dynamically forward. A Professor of Genetics, Dr. Tsaftaris holds an M,Sc, in the Plant Competition in Breeding, a Ph.D. from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the field of Genetics and Plant Breeding, and a second Ph.D. from North Carolina State University in Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

Dr. Tsaftaris has more than forty years of teaching experience in undergraduate and graduate programs, and oversees M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses related to genetics, genomics and biotechnology. As an expert in his field, he holds many positions in research, education and technology, worldwide.

Among his other achievements, he established the Center for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) and served as elected Director in one of its institutes (Institute of Agrobiotechnology) for 8 years. Furthermore, he was the most significant contributor in the establishment of NOESIS, the science and technology museum of Thessaloniki. From 1999 to 2000 he served as Secretary General of Research and Technology for the Greek Government.  In 2014, Dr. Tsaftaris also served as Minister of Rural Development and Food in the European Council of Agricultural Ministers. He has received national recognition with his appointment as a Commander of the Order of the Phoenix (Greece) for his outstanding services to Science in 2004 by the President of the Hellenic Democracy. Contact:

Dean of Student Services

An alum of both private and public institutions (Wake Forest U, U of Tennessee, and U of Iowa), Eva Varellas Kanellis has spent a long career as an educator and change agent: Director of the University of Minnesota School Without Walls (alternative school for troubled children), Curriculum Specialist at US government OEO Title VIII Dropout Prevention Program at Pine Ridge Reservation, University of Houston International Programs Director,  Elderhostel programs in northern Greece, over thirty years as Director of the successful College Counseling and Special Programs Office at Anatolia College, and is now the Dean of Student Services at The American Farm School/Perrotis College.  Eva recently received one of the eight "Counselors that Change Lives" Awards from the Colleges That Change Lives Board of Directors - the only international counselor honored in 2015.  

Associate Dean

Dr. Konstantinos Rotsios is the Associate Dean for Accreditation, Assessment and Business Development. He earned his BSc and MSc degrees from the University ofMinnesota, and his MBA from the University of Macedonia inThessaloniki. He holds a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Macedonia. His academic interests include international business, strategic alliances, international joint ventures, knowledge management, knowledge transfer, Food and Beverage SMEs and exports. He is an accredited instructor of adult continuing education and has extensive teaching experience in the fields of marketing and small firm entrepreneurship. 


Bachelor of Science Program Faculty

Food Science & Technology Major
TRYFON ADAMIDIS - Course Leader and Pathway Coordinator (full time)

Dr. Tryfonas Adamidis is an associate professor at Perrotis College, responsible for the Food Science and Technology pathway. He earned his PhD from Michigan State University, and his BSc in Agriculture with a concentration in Food Science from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His research interests include food quality, microbiology, and product development. Contact: 



Dr. Kiki Zinoviadou is an Assistant Professor at Perrotis College in the Food Science and Technology pathway. She earned her PhD from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki as a fellow of the Ministry of Education, her MSc. in Product and Ingredient Functionality from Wageningen University in the Netherlands after being awarded a scholarship from NUFFIC (Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education), and her BSc in Food Science from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her research interests include the development of delivery systems and biopolymer based antimicrobial packaging, as well as the understanding of the factors that determine the relationship between sensory perception, texture, microstructure, physicochemical properties and shelf-life of food systems. She has attended various seminars concerning the sensory evaluation of olive oil and is a member of the National Table Olive Taste Panel. Contact:



Dr. Efstratios Souglis is a Veterinarian (D.V.M.) from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, with a title from The School of Agricultural Technology  and a Masters degree (M.Sc) in Husbandry and Pathology of Ruminants from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In his current position he manages the American Farm School (AFS) educational dairy herd and the Dairy Milk and Milk Products Processing Plant, and is responsible for the health and well-being of all animal units at the A.F.S. educational farms. These include a dairy cow herd of 120 milking cows, a poultry operation of 25.000 egg laying hens, 42.000 turkeys, a poultry meat slaughterhouse, a hatchery, and an educational feed mill unit. Other tasks involve application and management of food safety and quality management systems to all farm products (ISO 22000, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004), contacts with national and EU authorities. He is a Perrotis College lecturer for modules in Dairy and Animal Science.


Nikolaos Gizgis holds a BSc in Chemistry from the University of Ioannina and an MSc in Quality Control & Environmental Management from Technical University of Crete. He specialises in Food Safety Management Systems, food legislation and authorization procedures for new establishments. He serves as Quality Assurance Manager with companies in the food sector, such as dairies, wineries and companies in olive and olive oil production, canning, water bottling, and pastry production. His research interests include novel product authorisation, food industry waste and wastewater management, and nutritional analysis of foods. Contact:


Nikolaos Chatzilias holds an MSc and a BSc in Food Science from the University of California at Davis. He specialises in food engineering, heat transfer and canning in foods, and microbiological analysis. He has held senior management positions with companies in the food sector, such as NESTLE, North Aegean Sea Canneries, MEVGAL and Zanae. His research interests include new product development, heat transfer in foods, the development of mathematical models and their applications to microbiological analysis of foods. Contact:


JEANIE ISKOS (part time)

Eugenia Iskos is a Biology lecturer. She holds a BSc in Genetics and Microbiology from the University of Minnesota, and a Masters in Education from the same university, as well as a BA in English from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her career experience ranges from science consultant for the Science Museum of Minnesota, where she created educational laboratories for students, to product manager for Antisel, a biological and chemical supply company.  She has also served as instructor in the sales and product support areas of businesses in the U.S. and Greece. Her research interests include protein isolation in tomato plants and cAMP cell signaling in fungi, and Environmental Education. Contact:


Dr. Vassiliki Papoti is a Chemistry lecturer. She holds a BSc in Chemistry from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, an MSc in Chemical Analysis and Quality Control and a PhD in Food Chemistry and Technology from the same university. Her teaching experience includes courses related to food analysis, instrumental food analysis and analytical chemistry. Her research experience includes optimization of processes for the production of functional food products, development of methodolgies for the exploitation of natural bioactive compounds, study of natural products composition and bioactivity, as well as quality control issues related to food contaminants. Her research interests concern the fields of olive and other natural products, antioxidants and other bioactive phytochemicals, functional foods, as well as method development for the appraisal of the bioactive potential of products. Contact: 


MARIA GOUGOULI (part time)

Maria Gougouli is currently serving as a Lecturer in the Food Science and Technology pathway of Perrotis College. She holds a B.Sc. in Agriculture with a specialization in Food Science and Technology from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, an M.Sc. in Food Science and Technology, and a Ph.D. in Food Microbiology from the same university, as well as a CTF in Pedagogical Training (ASPAITE). During her graduate studies, she was awarded a scholarship from the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) and she has completed 3 postdoctoral theses in the field of Food Microbiology. She has published 11 referenced scientific journal articles and 3 book chapters. Additionally, she has presented her research in national and international conferences where she has received two Research Paper Awards as a Young Scientist from the International Committee on Food Microbiology and Hygiene. She belongs to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Applied Microbiology and Letters in Applied Microbiology and she is a reviewer in Frontiers in Microbiology, Current Opinion in Food Science, Journal of Applied Microbiology and Letters in Applied Microbiology. Furthermore, she has served as a Project Leader and Research Assistant in 8 research projects funded by the European Union and/or National Resources and industry. She also served as part-time Laboratory Associate in the Departments of Nutrition and Dietetics, and Animal Production of the Technological Institute of Thessaly from 2010 to 2013. Recent research efforts have centered on the microbiological quality and safety of fresh and processed food products, predictive microbiology, microbial risk assessment, and stochastic modeling approaches in food safety and quality. Contact: 


DAPHNE DALAPA (part time)

Daphne Dalapa is a nutritionist. She graduated in 1997 from the Department of Food Technology & Nutrition at the Alexander Technological Educational Institute, Thessaloniki. In 2010 she acquired her certificate as a Master Practitioner in Eating Disorders and Obesity recognized by the National Center of Eating Disorders of Great Britain and continues her training via online courses from Universities such as Harvard and McGill. She maintains a private practice for the past 14 years, and she organizes therapy groups for people who face eating disorders. Her academic interests revolve around nutrition, food chemistry, nutritional psychology, and counseling and modification of nutritional behavior. She is a member of the Hellenic Medical Association for Obesity, the Union of Dietitians and Nutritionists of Greece, and the National Center for Eating Disorders.

ELENI NAZIRI (part time)

Dr. Eleni Naziri holds a BSc in Chemistry from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and MSc and PhD in Food Chemistry and Technology from the same University. For her PhD studies she received a scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation (I.K.Y.). Currently, she is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Laboratory of Food Chemistry and Technology, in the Chemistry Department (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki). Her teaching experience includes courses related to food biotechnology, oenology, food analysis and control of food quality. Her research interests cover optimization of biotechnological processes for the production of functional lipids and examination of their antioxidant properties, production of novel fermented products as well as waste valorization through biotechnological processes. 


Environmental Systems Management Major

ATHANASIOS GERTSIS, Course Leader and Pathway Coordinator for Precision Agriculture
EVDOKIA KRYSTALLIDOU,  Pathway Coordinator for Livestock Management


Dr. Athanasios Gertsis earned his PhD in Agronomy from Texas Tech University, and his BSc and MSc in Soils-Crop Physiology and Simulation Modelling from Mississippi State University. He holds Diplomas of Agricultural Technology from the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Thessaloniki and ASPAITE (certified educator), and has conducted post-doctoral research at the University of Thessaly. He participates in and coordinates major EU- and nationally-funded research, as well as joint research projects funded by agricultural sector businesses, and publishes findings widely in peer reviewed journals and other media. Current areas of research interest concentrate on innovative crop production systems in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum, focusing on sustainable environmental management systems and materials used through Low Input Sustainable Agriculture (LISA) and Precision Agriculture concepts. Contact:

Dr. Christos Vasilikiotis received his PhD in cell biology from the University of California, Berkeley and a BSc in Biology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He completed coursework in Agroecology as a visiting scholar at the Agroecology Laboratory at UC Berkeley, and online courses on Organic Field Crop Management at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College. He is currently attending an online Masters Program in Agronomy at Iowa State University. He has taught at UC Berkeley, Stanford University and the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Thessaloniki. He is also an instructor in the master’s degree program on Sustainable Agriculture at the Mediterranean Agricultural Institute in Chania, Crete. He has served as a Certification Manager at one of Greece’s organic certification agencies. His research interests include agroecological design of farming systems, research in organic agriculture, permaculture and community-based food systems. 


Dr. Eleni Topalidou received her PhD in Biological Control of Plant Diseases and an MSc in Horticulture (with specialization in Crop Protection) from the University of Reading after being awarded a scholarship from IKY (Hellenic State Scholarship Foundation). She holds a diploma in Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture from the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Mesolologi. Previously she has worked on research projects involving Biological control of chestnut blight in Greece (Research Associate-Forest Research Institution, ELGO DEMETER), biodiversity of fungi (Research Associate-University of Ioannina within the frames of “Thalis”). She has also served as a part time lecturer in Plant Pathology at the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Mesolologi. Her research interests include biological control of plant diseases, mycoparasitism, interactions between commensal fungi, ecology and epidemiology of fungal pathogens, fungal biodiversity, plant protection.


Dr. Evdokia Krystallidou received her PhD in Animal Nutrition and an MSc in Dairy Animal Science from the University ofReading after being awarded a scholarship from IKY (Greek state scholarship institute). She holds Diplomas in Animal Production from the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Thessaloniki and ASPAITE (certified educator). She worked as a part time lecturer at the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Thessaloniki and Larisa and as an advisor at Hellenic Feed Industries (ΕΛΒΙΖ). Her research interests include animal nutrition and its impact on animal products and human health, monitoring feed formulations to meet quality performance and animal health standards, and evaluating chemical and nutritional value of feeds. 



Liolios Vasileios is lecturer in the Environmental System Management Pathway. He is a member of the first graduating class of Perrotis College (class of 1997-1998). After finishing his studies here, he continued on to obtain his BSc from Writtle College, Essex University, UK  in Horticulture Crop Production. To enrich his knowledge and gather some research experience, Liolios Vasileios pursued an MSc in Temperate Horticulture Crop Production from Reading University. Currently, he teaches modules related to horticulture such as Horticulture Science, Greenhouse Technology and Management, Principles of Plant Breeding, plant propagation and Genetics. At the same time, he supervises dissertation projects which are related to the horticultural industry. For more than ten years, he also runs 'Nature Links', his own landscape-garden constuction and maintenance business. Contact:

Konstantinos Zoukidis is a lecturer at Perrotis College in the Department of Environmental Systems Management. He holds a B.Sc. in Agriculture with specialization in Land Improvement, Soil Science and Agricultural Engineering and an M.Sc. with honors, in Soil Science and Soil Resources Management from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. He expects to finish the second B.Sc. in Agriculture with specialization in Food Science and Technology from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki by 2016. His research interests include soil, plant tissue and irrigation water analysis, soil and water management, viticulture and enology, plant nutrition and Precision Agriculture concepts.

Dr. Vasileios Ziogas is a PhD agronomist. He holds a BSc in Agriculture with specialization in Horticulture and viticulture from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, an Sc and PhD in Horticultural Science from the same university. He has been active as an agronomist in the public and private sector, and at the current time holds the position of quality assurance director in the company Agrostis Ltd. He participated in four EU-funded research projects. He has been the co-author of two chapter books and participated in several international and national conferences with oral and written announcements. He is trained in the use of GIS, bioinformatics and the integration of innovative technologies in agriculture. His scientific interests are plant physiology, abiotic stress physiology, antioxidant metabolism, new technologies in agriculture and precision agriculture. 



Dr. Avraam Mavridis received his Ph.D. in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Agroenvironmental Sustainability from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), his M.Sc. in Geoinformatics/Remote Sensing and his B.Sc. in Agriculture from the same university. He is National Expert of the European Commission on Organic Agriculture, evaluator of 81 research proposals and member of 35 projects, co-author in 6 books, member of Experts of EU EIP-AGRI, of the German Aerospace Center (DLR), of GSRT (Greek Secretariat of Research and Technology) and of EKDDA (National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government). He has taught at Post-graduate courses of the School of Civil Engineering-AUTh, of the School of Medicine-AUThand of TEI of C. Macedonia. He has also taught at pre-graduate level at AUTh, at TEI and at National Agents (EKDDA). He has served ICRE8 (International Centre for Research on the Environment and the Economy), Organic Products Cluster (Managing Director), NAGREF (National Agricultural Research Foundation), NGO ARCTUROS, ELGA and other organizations. He was invited by “The Economist” in World Summits of 2014 & 2015 as VIP Member of the Panel, and by the European Commission in several issues. Current interests: GIS, Remote Sensing, IoT, UAVs, Precision Organic Agriculture (Founder). Contact:

International Business Major
KONSTANTINOS ROTSIOS, Course Leader and Pathway Coordinator 



Maria Emmanouilidou is a PhD candidate at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She holds an MSc in Agricultural Economics and a BSc with Honors in Agriculture from the same University. She works for the Development Agency of Thessaloniki S.A., as a member of the Local Action Group, within the framework of Community Initiative LEADER+ and Axis 4 “Implementation of LEADER Approach of Rural Development Programme of Greece 2007-2013.” She is also active as an instructor in adult education and vocational training. Her research interests include agrotourism, social capital and stakeholders, development of the countryside, policy implications, entrepreneurship, and food and society. Contact:  



Dr Panagiotis Kotsios holds a Ph.D. in Industrial Economics from the University of Macedonia’s Department of International and European Studies, an MSc in Management from the University of Teesside (UK), an MA in Systematic Philosophy from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a BA in Economic and Business Policy from the University of Portsmouth (UK). His PhD thesis regarded barriers to entry met by new businesses in technologically dynamic European industrial sectors. He started working as a freelance economist on 2006. During the course of his profession he has worked as contractor for many private and public Greek organizations, such as the Ministry of Development, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Thessaly, University of Central Greece, the Technological Educational Institutes (TEI) of Thessaly, Lamia and Epirus and for many small businesses as a consultant. He is the author of four books. Contact: 


Konstantinos Antoniou holds an MSc in International Economics, Banking and Finance from the University of Walesin CardiffUK and a BA in Economics from the University of Essex, UK. He specializes in equity transactions and international investments. He has extensive experience in senior management positions in the finance and banking sector. Contact:


Matthildi Saritza holds an MBA from the University ofNottingham, a Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK, and a BSc from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Currently she is a partner in 4-Efficiency, a marketing and sales consulting firm. She formerly served as Export Manager and Sales Director of FLORINA-HONEOS SA, and is a member of the Hellenic Management Association and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She served as elected Executive Director of the Exporters’ Association of Northern Greece, and as President of the Hellenic Institute of Marketing. Matthildi’s research interests include international marketing strategy, consumer behavior and cultures across nations, and the organization and structure of international corporations.

EVITA GANTINA (part time)

Born in Thessaloniki she has more than twenty years’ experience in senior positions in Greek and International companies. She holds an MA in Business Communication and Public Relations and BBA Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Houston. She is fluent in English and Greek and has basic knowledge of French and German. For several years she was a member of the Board of Directors and/or an owner or senior manager of companies in the textile manufacturing industry. Since 2001 she teaches at tertiary level also becoming the Executive Director of a college in Thessaloniki. She left the College in 2011 to become a partner in "For Communication"a Communications & Public Relations-On line Marketing Firm. Contact: 


Michalis Genitsariotis holds a BSc in Agriculture from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an MSc in Genetics and Plant Physiology from the same University. He is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute (PMI) of the USA. He has played an active role in the successful design, planning and execution of diverse projects for pharmaceutical, agricultural and consulting companies. He is a freelance Agronomist and Project Manager working on the elaboration of project proposals for funding by EU and national investment programs. Research area of interest: Sustainable agriculture, organic farming, pomology, alternative fruit crops, aromatic and medicinal plants, rural development, project management, project planning, risk management.


George Kartsiotis holds two BSc, two MSc and is now a Phd candidate; he received his first BSc in Mathematics from the Aristotle University, his second BSc in Applied Informatics from the University of Macedonia with honors (1st of his class), his first MSc with honours from the Electrical and Computer Engineering school in Advanced Communication and Intelligent Systems and his second MSc with honors from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Theoretical Computer Science and Control Theory. Currently he is a PhD candidate at the Applied Informatics department at the University of Macedonia and has worked for various computer software and web development companies with extensive experience in vocational education. His main research interests include bio inspired algorithms, optimal path planning, self assembling robots, theoretical computer science and logic related problems. 



Dr. Christina Kotakou earned her Ph.D. from the University ofMacedonia, an M.Sc in Economics from University of Essexand a B.Sc. in Economics from the University of Macedonia. She has extensive research experience since she has been working on many research projects at the University ofMacedonia, the University of Crete and the Research Institute of Applied Economics at the University of Macedonia.  Her research interests are: Common Agricultural Policy, Efficiency and Productivity, Welfare Economics and Econometrics of Panel Data. Contact: 



Maria Soumelidou holds a Degree (with Honours) in Economics - Business Administration, a Degree (with Honours) in Law, both from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, and an MSc (with Distinction) in Farm Management from Reading UniversityU.K., Department of Agriculture. She has extensive experience in senior management positions with several leading commercial, agricultural and E.U. consulting firms and institutions (such as E.TSANTALIS S.A, EUROCONSULTANTS S.A, American Farm School of Thessaloniki, etc.). She was also active as a lecturer in E.U. funded seminars and forums and has conducted several feasibility studies regarding agricultural entrepreneurship in Bulgaria and in the prefecture of Kavala,Greece within the framework of Interreg and Leader 1. She was also a freelance lawyer. Her research interests include the legal and managerial implications of conservation projects of endangered species and man power management. Contact: 



Nikolaos Sklavounos is a lecturer in the International Business department at Perrotis College. He earned his Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) and his MBA from the University of Macedonia (UOM) in Thessaloniki. He is currently pursuing a PhD in International Business from the same institution. Parts of his dissertation have been developed at the University of Glasgow, University of Bremen and Uppsala University. His academic interests include international business, international strategic alliances, international joint ventures, exports and human capital. He is an Adjunct Lecturer at the General Secretariat for Lifelong Learning in the Department of Thessaloniki, where he teaches a number of courses. He has worked as International Sales Manager, International Key Account Manager and International Business Development Manager at Adtraxion Systems B.V. (Digital Signage Software - Hardware in Oud Gastel – The Netherlands). He has also worked in a number of scientific research teams at UOM. 

Foundation Course Faculty

KATHERINE PITSELIS, Foundation Coordinator
Katherine Pitselis is the Foundation Coordinator and an English language instructor who lived and studied in Canada and the U.S. for many years. She is a graduate of McGill University with degrees in Industrial Relations and Social Sciences. Katherine received her English teaching diploma from the University of Michigan. She has a wide range of experience teaching English and preparing students for various level Cambridge and Michigan language exams. Her career experience includes having worked at Mandoulides Private Schools and Perrotis College/American Farm School, where she taught advanced level English to students and trained them to enter various undergraduate degree programs. Her activities also include the language improvement of professionals in various fields (e.g. Administration, economics, accounting) as well as English translation of professional texts. Contact:

Study Abroad 

Victoria Georgouvela recently joined the American Farm School/ Perrotis College as the Study Abroad Coordinator. She is a graduate of Northwestern University with degrees in Business Administration and Finance and has lived in the US for many years. She has been professionally involved in Organization, Planning and Development. She has travelled extensively with Deutz Production Company specializing in travel documentaries and managing projects, and she also serves on the boards of the International Film Festival of Thessaloniki and The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture & Industrial Design. She has always participated in a variety of sports and intervarsity athletic meets and is presently consulting with the Outdoor Leadership/Niche Tourism program of Perrotis College.

The Administrative Team


Stavroula Antonopoulou is the Administration Officer. She holds a BSc and a M.A. with specialty in Continuing Education from University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki. She is responsible for the financial, administrative and personnel services, along with maintaining day to day use of facilities, in order to meet legislative requirements and support operations. She is also experienced in adult education programs and managing and reporting of EU co-funded projects. Ms Antonopoulou has published extensively on her field of expertise and participated in many conferences and training courses. Contact:   




Leighanne Penna graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Classical Studies (2002) and a Master’s degree in Higher Education (2006) from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  From 2003-2006, she worked at the University of Massachusetts’ Residence Life Department.  Immediately after her masters, she started her PhD Program in Higher Education with a specialty in K-12 Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Denver.  During her doctoral coursework, she held various graduate positions in the following departments, including the Teacher Education Program, Educational Administration Program, and the Multicultural Center.   She also served as the Vice President and afterwards President for the Graduate Student Association, representing 6,000 graduate students on campus.  For four summers, she worked for Duke University’s Talent Identification Program coordinating academic summer programs for gifted 13-18 year olds.  In 2009, she moved to Thessaloniki to direct Northeastern University’s pre-freshmen program at the American College of Thessaloniki and afterwards worked at Anatolia College in the US College Counseling Office.  September 2015, she started working at the American Farm School & Perrotis College as the Director of Student Life. Contact:


Terina Karakasidou is the Perrotis College Registrar. She obtained her BSc in Business Administration from theAmerican College of Thessaloniki (ACT) and her MSc in Marketing Management from the University of Surrey, UK. Responsibilities: Registering incoming students; Evaluating transfer credit; Approving the adding and dropping of modules; Maintaining and issuing records of student grades; Maintaining records on student Declarations of Courses and Pathways; Monitoring student progress toward a degree; Issuing official grade transcripts and degrees; Processing applications by students for withdrawal from the College program. Contact:


Pantelis Hantzaras is the Student Life Monitor. He graduated from Perrotis College, with a major in Marketing for the Food Industry, after completing his secondary education at theAmerican Farm School. In both educational programs, he received the prestigious Bruce and Tad Lansdale Leadership Award. As a resident student on the campus of the AmericanFarm School and Perrotis College throughout his education, Pantelis has developed a strong multicultural perspective. He is also an experienced graphic designer. Contact:


Athanasios Bizmpiroulas is the Administrative Assistant. He received his Bachelor Degree in International Business from Perrotis College. He is responsible for assisting the Administration Officer and provides administrative support to college staff and faculty, ensuring the efficient operation of the College. His research interests include Food Exports and the Development of Export Activities. He has presented his research work at various International Conferences, and has published in peer reviewed journals. Contact:



Damiana Koutsomiha is the Library Coordinator of Dimitris & Aliki Perrotis Library. She holds a BSc on Library and Information Systems and a MScEcon on Management of Library and Information Services from the University of Aberystwyth, Wales. She promotes library services to the community through education, outreach and participation in professional conferences, trainings, publications and research groups. Her research interests cover a range of issues such as digital literacies, evaluation of Web resources, knowledge management, library instruction. Over the years her vision and mission as a librarian has taken concrete form: to strengthen the learning process of students and the general public and provide the means and foundations through teaching for the development of critical thinking in the chaos of information and the fundamental value of lifelong learning. When not teaching she likes to return to her first favorite job as librarian: identifying information and reaching where her users cannot and ultimately provide them with the necessary tools to reach the desired information on their own. Contact:

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