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Graduate Studies
MSc in Marketing for the Agro-Food Sector

This program accepts applications from holders of Bachelor degrees in Business Studies, Food Technology, Agronomy and other related subjects.  Classes will take place in the evening hours during the week or over weekends, offering students who are currently employed the flexibility needed to pursue graduate work.

Graduates of the M.Sc. in Marketing for the Agro-Food Sector will acquire the skills and knowledge needed to follow a range of career paths, both in Greece and abroad, in the agricultural and food sectors. Potential career paths include   produce and processed Food Buyer, export and national sales and Marketing Manager, Packaging and Logistics Manager and other related positions.  Likely employers include large organizations in the primary sector, food processing and trading companies, or third party logistics organizations. Graduates will also be able to work as entrepreneurs, independent consultants and trainers in the agro-food sector. Although this is a specialized program, graduates will acquire transferable skills through common coursework, allowing them to seek employment in other sectors as well.

During the final semester of their studies, students will have the opportunity to engage in primary research in a thematic field of their choice. Indicatively, such fields include: Mediterranean diet & cuisine as an exporting tool; the integration of exports with tourism services; the attractiveness of specific national/regional target markets for different Greek sectors; utilization of voluntary EU quality schemes to enhance Greek food exports; identification and utilization of the comparative advantages of Greek native livestock and plants in New Product Development for export purposes, and so on. Graduates who are interested in an international academic career will have the competencies and knowledge required to pursue Ph.D. studies. 


The following courses will be common for all first year students: 

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Research Methods and Data Management
  • Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Agricultural Systems
  • Bioinformatics/ Genomics
  • Consumer Needs and Trends
  • Current Issues (seminar)

Specialization courses

Management Accounting/Costing (C)

This course enables students to become competent providers and users of management accounting information and analyses, in the context of planning and control functions in contemporary business organisations. Additional aims include the understanding of costing and pricing techniques and comprehension of their role in achieving business objectives.

Advanced Operations Management (C)

This course examines advanced topics in production and operations management of modern manufacturing firms. Specific topics that will be covered include decision-making, capacity planning, forecasting, inventory, production management, distribution, ERP Systems and quality control. The module also provides an opportunity for students to apply theory and technique to examples drawn from literature and actual business practice.

Domestic & International Sales (C)

This course aims to examine theoretical and practical aspects of domestic and international selling and sales management. It analyses the process of retail and wholesale selling in the domestic and international markets, as well as issues as personal selling, sales budgets, planning, training and directing the sales team as well as evaluating sales performance.

Food Marketing & Branding (O)

In this course students will explore the opportunities and challenges facing food marketers in today’s increasingly competitive and global environment. It extends on the various aspects of advertising and strategic marketing and applies these concepts to a brand equity perspective.

Agricultural Product Marketing & Branding (O)

The course aims to analyze how marketing and branding concepts and techniques can be applied in agricultural commodities and products in order to gain recognition and added value in the international trade markets.           

International Supplies & Purchasing (O)

The aim of this course is to provide students with a detailed knowledge of the supply, storage and purchasing functions and the challenges faced in an international environment. Additional topics include the role of purchasing and procurement in supply chain Management, negotiations, supplier relationships, specifying product quality and support tools for purchasing and procurement. 

International Commercial Terms & Law (O)

This course aims to develop students’ understanding of International Commercial Terms and their role in international trading. It concentrates on critical commercial and legal aspects of international trade agreements, like the history and role of Incoterms, criteria for choosing the right incoterm, custom clearance, payment methods, insurance and contracts.

Advanced topics in Pricing & Credit Strategies (O)

The aim of this course is to develop students’ understanding of pricing methods and techniques and their relation with a business’s overall goals, as well as issues related to credit management. The overall perspective of the course is strategic. 

Advanced topics in Agro-Logistics & Transport (O)

The aim of this course is to develop students’ overall strategic understanding of how products are transferred in the international markets, transport modes, regulations and influence of word trade organizations on trade facilitation. Additional topics covered include make or buy and location decisions. 

Advanced topics in International Promotion & Distribution (O)

This course will explore the advertising strategies required for the promotion and distribution of products and services in international markets. The course will also examine the impact of international and local regulations and laws, as well as cultural and social differences on advertising in a global environment.

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