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The Study Abroad Department of Perrotis College welcomes international students because they can benefit from the unique educational experience that Perrotis offers, and for the many ways they enrich the life of our campus. The Department aims to enhance the academic experience for the entire Perrotis student body by connecting cultures, introducing contemporary academic programs and encouraging diversity, all in the interest of upholding the mission of the college.

Why choose Perrotis College?

Distinguished Academics

  • Perrotis College is the only Ag/Tech College in Greece offering unique learning experiences in the fields of agro-business, agriculture, environmental studies, entrepreneurship, alternative tourism & more!

Research Opportunities & Cutting-Edge Facilities

  • Perrotis College is home to the newly completed Life Sciences Laboratory, which includes facilities for new product development, and the European Biological Control Laboratory, which is currently being used to conduct USDA research projects (the 2nd research-only lab in Europe!). Students can take advantage of these state-of-the-art labs and take part in cutting-edge research in a wide range of subjects.

Educational Farm

  • Learn in the classroom AND… in the field! Our Educational Farm is divided into Dairy, Poultry, and Horticulture departments.

o   The Horticulture Unit includes greenhouses and nurseries, a vineyard and winery, olive trees, and extensive experimental field crops. Gain valuable experience in a field that connects you with the natural world & learn to positively impact your community!

o   The Dairy Unit has been the industry leader in productivity and quality of milk since 1935, when the institution first introduced pasteurized milk to Greece. Learn to make cheese & yogurt.

o   The Poultry Unit uses the latest scientific methods to produce and market Omega-3 eggs, turkeys, broilers and day-old chicks. Get your hands dirty while managing crops & animals.


  • Thessaloniki is known for being the student-oriented metropolis of Greece
  • Breathtaking nature, exciting urban culture, diverse rural communities
  • Fast & easy access to neighboring hot-spots like the breathtaking Mt. Olympus, enchanting beaches of Halkidiki & more!

Intimate Classrooms

  • Perrotis houses small & intimate classrooms which provide opportunities for real conversation. The one-on-one communication between student & professor makes it an ideal place for growth & development as independent scholars.

Community Service & Service Learning

  • Serve & learn in vibrant Thessaloniki through community service, earning college credit while building global skills through experiential learning and forming friendships with locals.


  • We are the lowest-cost private institution in Northern Greece offering quality study abroad programs to international students.

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Student Testimonials:

“Thessaloniki is a great city with a lot of history, and I am so glad I came. The program is the perfect amount of time to learn about the culture and take some amazing trips”.  - Alexander Bahrami (Virgina Tech, Summer 2017, Business Information Technology)

“Studying in Thessaloniki at Perrotis College was a life changing event for me. Seeing many different cultures, people, and customs was amazing and at times frustrating. But, being able to adapt has made grow as a person and opened my eyes to other parts of the world outside of the USA. I would highly recommend it to any student that is interested in experiencing something very different”. Connor Bollum (Iowa State University, Spring 2017, Agricultural Business)

"Being a student at Perrotis College was a gift for me ...the people, the opportunities, the respect, the devotion, the cutting edge facilities - this place has redefined education!" Miltiadis Roidis (Greece, Graduate BSc-Agro-Environmental Systems Management)


"Perrotis College has been a truly unique experience for me: hands-on learning in a dynamic international environment!"-Tamara Kichukova(FYROM, Graduate BSc-International Business)

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