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Agriculture & Environmental Science Program

It is easy to talk about sustainable crops and soil management in the classroom with fluorescent lights and clean floors. It becomes a real issue when a student holds the soil in his or her hand or sees how different crops affect the fields on the campus. In the Perrotis College Agriculture & Environmental Science Program, students do not only learn in the classroom. They are able to use their knowledge in practice on the campus’s educational farm and in the top-notch laboratories where professors sometimes opt to teach. Because of these spaces, this campus is one of the greenest colleges in Greece.

The program seeks to give students a critical understanding of agriculture and precision agriculture, the environment, sustainable crop and soil management, and human and animal nutrition and consumer issues. By working on the farm, students are better equipped to evaluate contemporary approaches and technologies as well as innovative systems in the fields of life sciences, agriculture, and the environment because they are using these approaches themselves. Students also become familiar with the EU’s agricultural practices, enabling them to compare and contrast these with the practices of the USA. 

Course Selection

The Agriculture & Environmental Science Program offers four 3-credit courses (12 credits in total). Students may take additional courses if they wish to do so with extra charge.

Fall & Spring Terms:

To ensure a well-rounded education during your stay in Greece, international students are required to include these cultural offerings in their selected courses:

  1. Greek Cultural Experience Course
  2. Service Learning Course

The remaining courses are selected from a course list provided to the applicant upon request.

“Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful, & most noble employment of Man.” – George Washington
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