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Agro-Business & Food Business Management

Through the Agro-Business & Food Business Management Program at Perrotis College, students develop insight in to Greece’s economy, history, culture, and food. As with all programs at Perrotis, this one is also hands-on, so students interact with the business and food industries of Greece. This includes researching and modifying traditional products – aloe vera, yogurt, olive oil, wine – to meet current consumer needs and field trips to local and international food companies.

Students are able to use these experiences to contrast their knowledge of their home countries, which enhances the learning experience. Also, the program pushes students to embrace societal challenges and find realistic solutions. Such solutions could be implemented in the industry, as many of the lecturers are business managers and professionals who run their own company or work in international business departments. 

Course Selection

The Ag-Business & Food Business Management Program offers four 3-credit courses (12 credits in total).

Students may take additional courses if they wish to do so with extra charge.

For Fall & Spring Terms:

To ensure a well-rounded education during your stay in Greece, international students are required to include these cultural offerings in their selected courses:

  1. Greek Cultural Experience Course
  2. Service Learning Course

The remaining courses are selected from a course list provided to the applicant upon request.

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