“There’s so much happening around the world, and the only way to be more well versed is to be a global citizen.” – Freida Pinto
Study Abroad
Basic Info

Are you seeking to grow personally as well as academically?

Do you want to take your knowledge to another level while gaining a global perspective?

Do you want new friends from diverse backgrounds?

Perrotis College Study Abroad Programs are specially designed to give you a well-rounded education during your stay in Greece.


Academic Programs

Below you will find a list of our academic programs. Click the link that interests you to get more information!

  1. Agriculture and Environmental Science Program
  2. Food Science and Technology Program
  3. Agro-Business & Food Business Management Program
  4. Alternative Tourism Program
  5. Project Research Program (PRP)
  6. Internship Program (work or research)





Start Date


End Date


Total Weeks

Minimum courses/credits per Term

Spring Term 2018
(Option 1)

January 29

May 18


12 credits

(up to 16 credits available)

Spring Term 2018
(Option 2)

January 29 April 27 13*

12 credits

(up to 16 credits available)

Summer Term 2018

Project Research Program (PRP)

May 21

June 29


3 credits

(up to 6 credits available)

Option 1: Exceeding the 90-day limit. It requires students to apply for Student Visa in the United States before travelling to Greece (cost approximately $150). And while in Greece students will have to apply for a Residents Permit (cost approximately $180).

Option 2: Is within the 90-day time limit and no visa or resident permit is ​required.

Greek Easter Break is: April 2 until April 13 (Please note that our Residence Hall is closed during this week. Students are advised to travel. Exceptions could be made, but with limited staff & resources). 

*Depending on students choice of stay, professors are flexible with project assignments and tests.


Terms Available

Total Weeks

Optional Credits Obtained

Internship Program

Fall Term




Spring Term

13 or 16



Summer Term



Application Deadlines:





Spring Term 2018

December 22

Summer Term 2018

April 10


Academic Overview & Program Features

Fall & Spring Terms: 
Earn 12 credits or more towards your degree through our unique blended Study Abroad Package for Fall & Spring Terms.

Here’s how it works:

Select 2 courses within your academic interest and the 2 required special courses that will immerse you in Greek culture first-hand & open your mind to new ways of living and thinking. 

1st Required CourseGreek Cultural Experience. This course introduces students to Modern Greek life and culture, including basic elements of Greek language, history, society, and traditional dance. The class provides a forum through which you can reflect on and discuss your own experiences.

The course is divided into 3 sessions:

  1. Greek Cooking
  2. Greek Language
  3. Greek Dance

Learn how to cook Greek food with a local mother & with food products produced on our campus…

Imagine yourself going home & being able to cook delicious Greek Mediterranean dishes for your friends and family? Who wouldn’t love to try tzatziki made by you?

Learn & Speak Greek…

Γεια σου! ("YAH-soo": “Hello” in Greek) Greek is the oldest living language in the world. The language is so fundamental and influential that thousands of English words in science, mathematics and medicine are rooted in the Greek language! Now is your chance to broaden your vocabulary.

Learn to dance Greek… OPA!

Folk dancing is a tradition in Greece that goes back to ancient times. Dancing has always been embedded deeply in Greek history & culture.
It’s not only about how you move, but what you feel when you move! You will have the opportunity to become part of a great tradition
by learning the most popular Greek dances.

2nd Required Course: Service Learning Course.

The Service Learning course enables students to engage in volunteer work addressing real, contemporary issues in our world today. Students enrolled in this class take part in 10 -15 hours per week of volunteer service, choosing from a variety of activities conducted on an individual or group basis.

Activities may include volunteer work in one of the departments of our educational farm (e.g., assisting the veterinarian or helping in the greenhouses, winery, dairy, or poultry units), tutoring high school students in English, working with the Landscaping Department, or volunteer service for charities, NGOs, refugee centers, or ecologically-focused organizations in the larger Thessaloniki area.

The Service Learning course will help you:

  • Personally reflect on your experience of providing service to others and becoming civically engaged,
  • Develop the skills and cultural awareness necessary for understanding & working with those from a different background, and
  • Broaden your perspective & gain knowledge on contemporary issues that exist in today's world!


Educational and fun excursions included in the Program!

All of our academic programs include fun excursions and field trips that are related to class content, including visits to museums and markets, organic farms and vineyards, and nearby exhibitions and fairs. To help students make the most of their time in Greece and Southeastern Europe, we also help interested students arrange their own weekend trips or excursions to various Greek islands and mainland destinations.

**See “Explore Thessaloniki and Beyond

Summer Term:
For students interested in the summer term, the Greek Cultural Experience course is optional – and we highly recommend it!

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