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Food Science & Technology

Rise early and milk the cows. Process the milk; use some to make cheese and yogurt. Eat it knowing what it took to create the product. Research it – through taste and otherwise – and strive to make it better. This is what the Food Science and Technology program does: teaches about food beyond the initial taste test. Students in the program create the products and learn to appreciate the entire process through the food science technology available on campus.

The Mediterranean is an excellent region to study food, as many products here have been enjoyed for thousands of years, and as the region changes, so must food technology. Taste unfamiliar foods and expand the palate. Learn the culture of Greece through what the people eat and the foods they grow and produce. Think beyond the taste and explore the cultural and nutritional significance of what is served, why it is served, and how it is served. By eating and studying the food of Greece, one can study the entire Greek lifestyle and experience.

Course Selection

The Food Science & Technology Program offers four 3-credit courses (12 credits in total).

Students may take additional courses if they wish to do so with extra charge.

For Fall & Spring Terms:

To ensure a well-rounded education during your stay in Greece, international students are required to include these cultural offerings in their selected courses:

  1. Greek Cultural Experience Course
  2. Service Learning Course

The remaining courses are selected from a course list provided to the applicant upon request.

“Everything in food is science. The only subjective part is when you eat it” – Alton Brown
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