“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” – Zora Neale Hurston
Study Abroad
Project Research Program (PRP)

An exclusive study abroad opportunity in Greece for students who dare to challenge themselves!

Academic Overview & Program Features

The Perrotis College Project Research Program (PRP) prepares students for work in the real world, addressing tangible issues.

Success today requires more than knowledge – equally important are effective problem-solving skills. Perrotis PRP research groups give students the opportunity to hone these skills, offering meaningful life experiences through original research in a team-based format.

Perrotis College enjoys the most cutting-edge laboratories in the Balkans, founded within a living laboratory of 280 acres of rich farmland.  We conduct year-round research addressing existing global issues in food business & technology, sustainable agriculture, and waste management. 

Perrotis PRP students work on important issues and find practical solutions - all while living in Greece and experiencing the cultural wealth of what our country has to offer.

Here is how our Summer Project Research Program works:

For each PRP Term our faculty offer guided research opportunities in the following areas:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Food Science & Technology
  • Food Business
  • Entomology
  • Environmental Science
  • Tailor-made projects of your choice (must be pre-approved by Professors)

Summer Term (PRP): May 21 – June 29
Students interested in studying during the Summer Term will receive 3 credits for their research project, to be executed with the help of a research supervisor within a 6-week time frame.
In addition, students enrolled in the Summer Term have the option to attend the following course:

The Process:

Step 1: Apply for Summer PRP.

Step 2: Review the sample project descriptions and faculty profiles we've posted, and then choose the subject and faculty member which best align with your research interests. 

Step 3: Complete our online application and submit requested documents to join our community of researchers.

Step 4: Upon your acceptance, you will receive your pre-program reading package and an introduction to your team members.  

Step 5: Upon your arrival in Greece, your faculty leader will familiarize you with resources and project details, and will work daily with your team as you plan and implement your research design.

The Experience

Each team member will share ideas and experiences as you formulate a team strategy, enhancing your collaborative work skills for future professional challenges. You will learn how to learn from others, while making long-term friends with similar interests. Depending on your research subject and team design, your project will entail a combination of: classwork, lab work, experiential learning in local companies, hands-on field work, and interactions with the Greek community. At the end of your experience is a formal presentation of your project to an audience of peers and professionals!

The PRP Term isn’t just professionally and academically targeted; during your experience, you get to experience the best of Greece: its people, food, natural beauty, and rich heritage.  Explore Aristotle’s birthplace, mountaineer the Mt. Olympus range, visit century-old monasteries, or sail the Aegean – the possibilities are endless.

**See the following section for more information: “Explore Thessaloniki and Beyond





Start Date


End Date


Total Weeks

Minimum courses/credits per Term

Summer Term 2018

Project Research Program (PRP)

May 21

June 29


1 course

(3 credits)

Application Deadlines:





Summer Term 2018

April 10


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