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Aliki Perroti Student Residence Hall – Our Green Initiative

All of our international students live on campus, and we love it every time we hear their reactions: “Wow, it's like living in a 5-star hotel!

The Aliki Perroti Student Residence Hall was built in 2010 with top-notch modern facilities. In keeping with the philosophy and values of the institution, the building's design and the construction materials optimize energy and water-use efficiency. Always keeping in mind the comfort and security of each member our community, the three-story building is a great contribution to Perrotis College, and we are proud to house our students here!

Some cool facts:

  • All rooms are suite-style, meaning that in each suite there are 2-bedrooms, 1 common living room area and 2 separate bathrooms
  • All rooms have access to individual balconies or terraces that are designed to ensure protection from the sun in the summer, while allowing the sun to enter in the winter months.
  • The building is three-stories high and 4,000 square meters
  • The dormitory houses up to 96 students
  • All construction materials were selected for their suitability to the local climate and their classical aesthetics. Emphasis was given to the use of highly efficient and recyclable thermal and water insulation materials. 
  • There is a multi-purpose public space to accommodate educational, cultural and recreational events and gatherings.
  • During construction, archaeological findings of a water system from the late Roman Empire were discovered and have been preserved both inside the building and outside the southeast walls of the building.
  • There is a relaxing roof garden where you can enjoy a beverage and good conversation!

Campus Amenities

  • Laundry facilities: free of charge, and you only pay for your own detergent
  • Free WiFi in all areas on campus, including the dorm rooms
  • Café – snack bar
  • Dining hall/ cafeteria
  • Athletic facilities: Soccer field, basketball court, tennis court & weight room
  • ATM
  • Indoor public space used for entertainment
  • Campus Store: sells authentic, campus-produced food products like yogurt, milk, eggs, cheese, & wine

Residence Life

Residential Life is designed to be a positive supplement to the educational experience in a comfortable, modern suite-style residence hall that encourages personal and social development, as well as respect for cultural diversity.  Students who live on campus develop a close-knit community spirit through various activities and excursions.

Students are supported by the Residence Life Coordinator, who works under the supervision of the Director of Student Life.  There are also two Resident Assistants, who are trained student-leaders living in the residence hall. 

All staff are trained to support students outside of the classroom, to help ensure their safety and well-being, and to organize extracurricular clubs and activities.  A full-time doctor is available on weekdays.  If necessary, students have a friendly and sympathetic staff member to escort them to Thermi’s Health Center or a local hospital.  Additionally, we have a school psychologist on our student support team who facilitates learning and promotes the cognitive, social and personal development of all students and their psychological well-being.  Students can meet individually with the psychologist to manage stress/anxiety, social problems, self-esteem, or resolve conflicts.

Take a look at where you will be living here.

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