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The Joshiah Frank -omics Hub of the Graduate school has been equipped with state-of the-art instrumentation used for the research and educational activities of the Graduate program. In addition, powerful computer infrastructure and software is installed for the translation of the massive amount of data generated from -omics experiments to applicable information for the development of innovative products and research results.

The Genomics Laboratory incorporates modern equipment for high-performance nucleic acid (DNA / RNA) isolation (e.g. tissue lysers), and for the design and evaluation of molecular markers (using PCR, qPCR, HRM).

The Metagenomics Laboratory enables the identification of the microbial composition of environmental samples of agronomic importance (e.g. from cultured soil) through nucleic acid isolation and sequencing approaches.

The Metabolomics laboratory is equipped with latest technology Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry devices (GC-MS) for the non-targeted determination of metabolites from plants and food products. In addition, the high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) system enables the determination of valuable metabolites with agronomic or nutritional properties.

The Bioinformatics facility is equipped with a high-power computer array, where open-source software relevant to the needs of research projects is constantly added. In addition, a fully-equipped computer lab is available for the educational needs of the graduate program. Students become familiar with bioinformatics using, among others, the CLC Genomics Workbench program for the analysis and processing of -omic sequencing data.

The Food Structure Laboratory is equipped with all the essential equipment (rheometer and texture analyzer) in order to characterize the rheological and mechanical properties of various model systems and real food products.

All research is conducted in a careful and responsible manner and no experiments on animals are conducted during any phase of experimentation. 

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