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Privately Funded Projects

Bodossakis Foundation – Thriving Land

The project THRIVING LAND is a project focused on strengthening education on agrifood sector, supported financially by Trans Adriatic Pipeline (Good Energy Pipeline) in collaboration with the Bodosaki Institution, within the framework of social and environmental investments of TAP project. American Farm School and the Centre for Research and Technology (CERTH) also participate in the project as implementing bodies. 

In particular, American Farm School implements educational and consultancy activities targeted to farmers, small enterprises and collaborative business forms which are interested in showing off their products. This specific kind of education covers a broad range of agrifood sector activities, from the stage of sowing to the stages of marketing and sales or even to the products exports.     

Within the framework of the project THRIVING LAND are going to be educated in total 300 farmers, in specific and preselected products, which are cultivated in the geographical area from where the pipeline TAP passes and also in those communities which are affected by the construction of TAP in all the three regions of Northern Greece.         

The educational programs offered by the project are focused on beekeeping, plant and livestock production sectors and are presented below:

Anouncement of the program


Educational program on plant production

Cultivation of Beans 

Cultivation of Aromatic Plants 

Olive Growing

Growing of fruit trees

Genisea’s Sugar Cane Syrup project


Educational program on livestock production

Dairy Cattle

Sheep and Goat farming


Educational program on apiculture

Apiculture at Kastoria and Pella

Bodossakis Foundation – Thought for Food

Bodossakis Foundation, in collaboration with the American Farm School and  the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, designed an innovative program that contributes to the creation of  a framework of robust rural development in Greece.  The program aims to support farmers, small enterprises and collaborative schemes that are active in five product categories where Greece enjoys comparative advantages: Olive tree cultivation and products, aromatic plants, animal farming and products, as well as selected fruit and vegetable categories, such as beans, sweet Florina peppers and chestnuts. 

The American Farm School is responsible for providing training and consultancy services that cover a wide range of topics, from cultivation to marketing and exports. The support provided is available both at group and at individual, in-house levels. 

Sheep Farm Consulting (Pilot Action). Watch the video here.

Arkadian Sheep Farmer Training Project

Shepherds’ Cooperative “Voskos” Training Project

Floating Lettuces Project

Captain Vassilis & Carmen Konstantakopoulos Foundation – Centre for Agrofood Entrepreneurship of Kalamata

Captain Vassilis & Carmen Konstantakopoulos Foundation and the American Farm School inaugurated the Centre for Agrifood Entrepreneurship of Messinia (CAEM), based in the city of Kalamata on the 10th of October 2016.

CAEM aims to offer practical support to individuals wishing to engage in the production, processing and trade of high added value agricultural products. The Centre’s operation started with a series of experiential training seminars that aim to enhance the trainees’ entrepreneurial mind-frame, the development of entrepreneurial ideas and the improvement of technical skills.   

Visit the CAEM website here.

End of the Cheese Making Seminar of Centre for Agrifood Entrepreneurship of Messinia (CAEM)

Launch of the Cheese Making Seminar of Centre for Agrifood Entrepreneurship of Messinia (CAEM)

Event about Entrepreneurship on Agri-food Sector and the Invitation

KAEM Workshop

"Processing of Table olives and Olive Oil" Seminar

Lecture on "Quality Assessment of Table Olives" in Kalamata

KAEM Students Visit Agricultural Cooperative Olive Mill

KAEM Training Sessions Begin

The Center for Agrofood Entrepreneurship of Messinia (CAEM)

Stavros Niarchos Foundation - Recharging the Youth Program

In 2013, the Board of Directors of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation announced a call to action to help create new opportunities for Greece’s younger generations, which are severely impacted by the country’s current alarming unemployment rate.

The American Farm School and Perrotis College, along with Rutgers University and the Agricultural University of Athens were chosen as strategic partners for the design and implementation of projects under the umbrella of  the “Recharging the Youth: New Agriculture for a New Generation” program.  The contribution of AFS consists of the completion of sectoral studies and the undertaking of training and consultancy activities in the fields of agriculture, animal farming, food processing and tourism.  

Program Overview

Beginning of the Alternative Tourism Program

Training of trainers for the Recharging Greek Youth project

Working on groups for viticulture for the Project "Recharging Greek Youth to Revitalize the Agriculture and Food Sector of the Greek Economy"

The Alternative Tourism Program starts in Volos

Demonstration Applications of Amino 16 on behalf oftheGreekIndustry of Hydrolyzed Protein LLP (EVYP)

The Strategic ProjectsManagement Office initiated the implementation of pilot/demonstrative actions on the use of innovative products of EVYP Company (AMINO 16 AMINO 16B-Zn, etc.). The products will be utilized in olive, cherry and appleplantations. The implementation of demonstration projectsis a strategic choice of the Office, as part of operations planned and implemented in order to better highlight the work of the AFS.The demonstration and information activities focus on all involved stakeholders (agricultural world, the agri-food sector professionals and society) while they constitute AFS recognition tools and its acknowledgement as one of the main innovation facilitator in the agro-food sector.

The project AMINO-16 (amino acids of plant origin) in progress

Demonstration application on apples and cherιes cultivation

Pilot project of the innovative product AMINO-16

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