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The Europe Direct Office of the American Farm School operates under the umbrella of the European Commission since 2005, and is the continuation of the Carrefour Agricultural Information Relay, hosted by the School since 1998.

The Center belongs to the Europe Direct pan-European information network and aims to a) inform citizens on European issues of local interest and importance, b) to act as an interface between citizens and the EU at local level, promoting local and regional debate about the EU and its policies, and c) give the public the opportunity to send feedback to the EU institutions in the form of questions, opinions and suggestions and allow the European institutions to improve the dissemination of information directed towards local and regional needs.

More specifically:
It enables local citizens to obtain information and assistance regarding the EU’s institutions, legislation, policies, programs and funding opportunities and explains what the EU does and why it is relevant to the people of Thessaloniki and Central Macedonia. The Office also provides guidance on how to exercise the rights deriving from EU citizenship.

It organizes and supports events and engages in outreach activities with schools on a wide spectrum of themes. Areas of particular focus include education and training, the environment, entrepreneurship, agriculture, employability, social issues and life in the EU.

It provides access to information, publications and electronic material on the role of the EU and how it operates, and displays material on a variety of topics related to the EU, including research, legislation, reports, statistics, publications for children, and more.

You may contact and visit the center between 9:00 – 15:00 weekdays.

Europe Direct of the American Farm School
Marinou Antypa 54, 55102 Thessaloniki
Tel. +30 2310 492853
Fax. +30 2310 492719
E-mail : kroume@afs.edu.greuropedirect@afs.edu.gr

For the central Europe Direct information service, please call 00 800 6789 1011 from anywhere in the EU (between 09.00 – 18.00 weekdays) or visit the Central Europe Direct Service website http://europa.eu/europedirect/

If you have asked any question, contacted our center or participated in any of our events, we would appreciate your feedback on the services provided. The questionnaire below is anonymous and includes only 3 questions. Thank you in advance for your time!

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