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Dean | Chair of Marketing for the Agrofood Sector


Dr. Konstantinos Rotsios is the Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies at Perrotis College. He is also the Chair of the International Business Department. He earned his BSc and MSc degrees from the University of Minnesota, and his MBA from the University of Macedonia inThessaloniki. He holds a PhD in Business Administration from the University of Macedonia. His academic interests include international business, strategic alliances, international joint ventures, knowledge management, knowledge transfer, Food and Beverage SMEs and exports. He is an accredited instructor of adult continuing education and has extensive teaching experience in the fields of marketing and small firm entrepreneurship. For his full CV click here.


KYRIAKI ZINOVIADOU-Chair of New Food Product & Business Development (full time)

Dr. Kiki Zinoviadou is an Assistant Professor at Perrotis College in the Food Science and Technology pathway. She earned her PhD from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki as a fellow of the Ministry of Education, her MSc. in Product and Ingredient Functionality from Wageningen University in the Netherlands after being awarded a scholarship from NUFFIC (Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education), and her BSc in Food Science from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her research interests include the development of delivery systems and biopolymer based antimicrobial packaging, as well as the understanding of the factors that determine the relationship between sensory perception, texture, microstructure, physicochemical properties and shelf-life of food systems. She has attended various seminars concerning the sensory evaluation of olive oil and is a member of the National Table Olive Taste Panel. Contact:


ATHANASIOS GERTSIS-Chair of Sustainable Agriculture and Management (full time)

Dr. Athanasios Gertsis earned his PhD in Agronomy from Texas Tech University, and his BSc and MSc in Soils-Crop Physiology and Simulation Modelling from Mississippi State University. He holds Diplomas of Agricultural Technology from the Technological Educational Institution (TEI) of Thessaloniki and ASPAITE (certified educator), and has conducted post-doctoral research at the University of Thessaly. He participates in and coordinates major EU- and nationally-funded research, as well as joint research projects funded by agricultural sector businesses, and publishes findings widely in peer reviewed journals and other media. Current areas of research interest concentrate on innovative crop production systems in the soil-plant-atmosphere continuum, focusing on sustainable environmental management systems and materials used through Low Input Sustainable Agriculture (LISA) and Precision Agriculture concepts. Contact:



Dr. Tryfonas Adamidis is an associate professor at Perrotis College. He earned his PhD from Michigan State University, and his BSc in Agriculture with a concentration in Food Science from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His research interests include food quality, microbiology, and product development. Contact: 



Christos Kissoudis holds a BSc and an MSc, with a specialization in Plant Genetics and Breeding, from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. During his MSc, he worked on biotechnological approaches to increase herbicide and stress tolerance in tobacco. He obtained his PhD from Wageningen University in the Netherlands investigating the genetic utilization of wild species and other genetic resources of tomato for achieving increased stress tolerance and pathogen resistance. He subsequently worked as a research and teaching assistant at the Plant Breeding department of Wageningen University. His research interests include crop improvement and the exploitation of their wild relatives and landraces with biotechnological and genomics-assisted plant breeding techniques, molecular plant physiology and pathology and the characterization and utilization of biotechnology-driven innovative agricultural practices. 


GEORGE BOSKOU (part time)

Dr. Boskou George is Assistant Professor in Food Service Organization and Management at the Department of Nutrition-Dietetics at Harokopio University. He is a Chemist (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) with a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences from (Ghent University, Belgium). He is an accredited inspector for food safety management systems and a certified trainer in food safety and hygiene. He is a founding member of the Interdisciplinary Society for Food Hygiene Assurance (DEDYT), and the Scientific Society of Olive Encyclopaedists (4E). He is an honorary member of the Chefs Club of Northern Greece "Olympios Zeus". He is also a member of the Department of Food of the Greek Chemical Society (EEX) and member of the European Federation of Food Science and Technology (EFFoST). His research and educational work is on food safety, quality management, food service, gastronomy and culinology.





Theodoros Kallitsis holds a Ph.D. in Food Science / Food Microbiology and an M.Sc. in Food Science / Food Process – Engineering, both from the University of California at Davis and he is Veterinarian by training at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has been hired since 1998 as senior food scientist in Goody’s S.A., a leading Food Corporation in Greece with important activities in various countries. He has been managing projects in new product development and new activities. His particular interests focus in food product development and problem solving in production and preservation of foods and he is trained as food communication expert. Dr. Kallitsis is also the Farm Manager.



SOFIA LALOU (part time)

Dr. Sofia Lalou is a Lecturer in Chemistry. She holds a B.Sc. in Chemistry (specialization in Food Chemistry) from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, an MSc and a PhD in Food Chemistry and Technology from the same university. She has teaching experience in courses related to food analysis, instrumental food analysis, analytical chemistry and oenology. Her research activity was awarded in 2014 by AUTH Research Committee with the Excellence Scholarship Award for PhD Candidates. She has worked in several food related projects with multidisciplinary teams in three different countries and she has actively participated in the supervision of undergraduate dissertations. Her research interests lie in the fields of fermented products, agro-industrial wastes valorization, immobilization of microorganisms (mainly yeast cells and probiotic bacteria), process optimization for generation of bioactive value-added ingredients, new food products development, quality control and sensory analysis of food products. Contact:



Dr. Stella Despoudi is Adjunct Lecturer in Business Studies at Perrotis College. She holds a PhD in Agricultural Operations and Supply Chain Management from Loughborough University’s School of Business and Economics. In UK she worked for Aston Business School, Warwick University, Coventry University, and Loughborough University. Her research expertise lies in the following research areas: food supply chain management, food supply chain resilience, circular economy, emergency logistics, food waste and food sustainability. Currently she works on a multi-partner projects related to food supply chain resilience, climatic changes, circular economy and Industry 4.0 funded from ESRC and other international funding bodies. She is Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in UK.



 Dr Ourania Tremma is a Senior Lecturer in Research Methods and Statistical Analysis at Harper Adams University in the UK. She holds a PhD and two MScs; in Economics and Agricultural Economics along with Certificates in Data Analysis and Education. Her research interest focuses on the price transmission mechanism of agricultural products among countries, across the food supply chain, between quality differentiated products as well on price volatility transmission. Dr Tremma has presented her work in several conferences and has participated in EU and national funded research projects as a researcher in Greece.



Dr. Sakellariou  is an Engineer of Planning and Regional Development and he holds a MSc in Spatial Planning & Development (University of Thessaly) as well as a MSc in Geospatial Technologies (University of Lisbon). He holds a PhD in natural hazards prevention / management and spatial planning (University of Thessaly). He currently serves as Adjunct Professor and Research Associate at the University of Thessaly. His research interests include: Natural disasters prevention and management; Risk management; GIS and Remote Sensing; Natural disasters simulation and spatial resilience; Spatial planning and climate change; Sustainable Development and Precision Agriculture.




Sophia Mihalaki started her career in 1988 as a Certified Auditor with Ernst & Young in Athens. In 1993, she joined the Thessaloniki office of Deloitte and was soon promoted to Principal, Head of Office. She acquired extensive experience serving Greek and multinational entities. She also served as an auditor at the Hellenic Court of Auditors. In 2010 she joined the position of Chief Financial and Administrative Officer of the American Farm School and Perrotis College. Sophia holds a degree in Economics from the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki and a post-graduate degree in European Economic Studies from the College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium. Contact:




Dr. Evangelos Vergos earned his BSc degree in animal production from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and his Ph.D. in Biotechnology of Reproduction of farm animals from UCD Ireland. He has participated in a number of postgraduate seminars in Greece and abroad (Harvard Scholarship, MDP 2000) for self-development. As an international freshman College student and AFS graduate represented Greece to the FFA. He’s an accredited instructor and has extensive extension experience in the fields ofanimal production management. Besides, he’s teaching study abroad Perrotis College students. His main professional interests include contemporary agribusiness development and their impact to rural communities in Greece and abroad. Thus, he associates with agrofood companies, organizations and academic institutions to implement innovation, entrepreneurship and employment promotion programs in Greece, the Balkan and African countries. He’s a member of the Agrotechnology committee of the Greek-American Chamber of Commerce, the review ad hoc committee of the Ministry of Education for higher professional education programs, the Organic Farming Cluster of the Federation of Industrialists of Northern Greece, the National Agricultural Network, and the European Society of Animal Production. Contact:



Despina Theodoridou has been the Head of Institutional Human Resources since 2010. An HR generalist with expertise in the application of labor legislation, payroll and benefits, recruitment and selection, professional development and personnel assessment. Despina has attended numerous postgraduate courses in Adult Education and Management. She is a member of the Greek People Management Association and has also worked as Program Coordinator at the Lifelong Learning Department of the American Farm School. Previous appointment (1995-1997), Head of Production of the Galaxidi Marine Farm S.A. nursery.  First degree in Zoology from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and Masters in Aquaculture from Stirling University. Fluent in English and German. Contact: 





Dimitrios Psathas is the business manager of Krinos Olive center at Perrotis College. He holds an integrated Master's degree in Agricultural Sciences from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a Master's degree (MSc) in New Food Product and Business Development from Cardiff Metropolitan University. He is also an accredited olive oil taster from O.N.A.O.O (National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters, established by the Union of Italian Chambers of Commerce) and a multi-awarded olive oil producer. He has a strong interest in entrepreneurship, was awarded 1st prize in the 2nd Agri-Food Entrepreneurship Masterclass for startups, as well as in research focusing on the olive cultivation sector. 
"Volatile profile and quality characteristics of the Greek “Chondrolia Chalkidikis” virgin olive oils: Effect of ripening stage”


Katherine Pitselis is the Outreach & Foundation Coordinator. She has lived and studied in Canada and the U.S. for many years. She is a graduate of McGill University with degrees in Industrial Relations and Social Sciences. Katherine received her English teaching diploma from the University of Michigan. She has a wide range of experience teaching English and preparing students for various level Cambridge and Michigan language exams. Her career experience includes having worked at Mandoulides Private Schools and Perrotis College/American Farm School, where she taught advanced level English to students and trained them to enter various undergraduate degree programs. Her activities also include the language improvement of professionals in various fields (e.g. Administration, economics, accounting) as well as English translation of professional texts. Contact:


Pantelis Hantzaras is the Residence Life Coordinator. He received his Bachelor degree from Perrotis College, with a major in International Business, after completing his secondary education at the American Farm School. In both educational programs, he received the prestigious Bruce and Tad Lansdale Leadership Award. He has undertaken training in Student Affairs from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Colorado State University and National Kapodistrian University. As a resident student on the campus of the American Farm School and Perrotis College throughout his education, Pantelis has developed a strong multicultural perspective. He is also an experienced graphic designer. Contact:



KALLY CHALKIA (full time)


Kally Chalkia holds an MA in Marketing Communications from Bournemouth University in the UK and a BSc in Marketing from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. She lived in Chicago and London for a total of 11 years before returning to Thessaloniki in 2008. She has extensive experience working in the nonprofit sector. In 2018 she started working at the American Farm School’s Student Services Department. She is currently the Administrative Coordinator at Perrotis College. Contact: 


MARIA KOSTOUDA (full time)


Maria Kostouda holds a Bachelor’s degree in History and Archeology with a specialization in
History from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. After more than 10 years of experience in
administrative positions in the private sector in the fields of healthcare and education, she
has acquired the knowledge and skills required for being member of a large educational
institution and providing optimal service to stakeholders. She possesses highly developed
interpersonal skills and extensive experience in crisis management and business development. Maria is currently the Administrative Assistant at Perrotis College. Contact:


Damiana Koutsomiha is the Head Librarian of Dimitris & Aliki Perrotis Library. She holds a BSc on Library and Information Systems and a MScEcon on Management of Library and Information Services from the University of Aberystwyth, Wales. She promotes library services to the community through education, outreach and participation in professional conferences, trainings, publications and research groups. Her research interests cover a range of issues such as digital literacies, evaluation of Web resources, knowledge management, library instruction. Over the years her vision and mission as a librarian has taken concrete form: to strengthen the learning process of students and the general public and provide the means and foundations through teaching for the development of critical thinking in the chaos of information and the fundamental value of lifelong learning. When not teaching she likes to return to her first favorite job as librarian: identifying information and reaching where her users cannot and ultimately provide them with the necessary tools to reach the desired information on their own. Contact:

IRO SOTIRIADOU (full time)


Iro Sotiriadou is the Perrotis College liaison librarian working at the "Dimitris & Aliki Perrotis" Central Library and at the "Information & Media Hub" Satellite Library located at the Aliki Perroti Educational Center at Perrotis College. She is responsible for managing both Libraries' electronic resources. She holds a BA in English Language and Literature and an MA in Translation Studies both from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, as well as a BSc in Library Science and Information Systems from the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki. She focuses on serving library users and promoting library services through the development of electronic resources (online Library Guides, Library's website development, etc.) and digital curation of Library's digital assets (digital Archives, Institutional Repository, etc.), as well as provides research assistance and guidance to the Perrotis College students and faculty. During the years working as a librarian, her mission and vision has shifted in turning the Library's patrons from passive and dependent users to active and independent users and learners, by promoting metacognitive strategies in library instruction. Contact:



Gregorios Sougaris holds a BSc (Hons) Degree in Agriculture Business Management from University of Essex, an MSc in Food Industry Management and Marketing from the University of London (Imperial College), and an Executive MBA from the International Hellenic University. He is also a Perrotis College graduate, the first graduating class of 1998. He has worked at the Marketing Department of Allatini Group SA, and since 2006 has been coordinating the Admissions procedure and Recruitment activities of Perrotis College. Today is the Recruitment Coordinator at the Enrolment Department, implementing promotional activities for Perrotis College. Contact:


Konstantinos Pilianidis holds a BSc Degree in Agricultural Engineering at Plant Production from ATEI of Western Macedonia, an MBa in Marketing from the American College of Thessaloniki and is a Certified Professional from the International Chamber of Commerce Commission in Ethical Marketing and Advertising.
He has served the retail and agricultural sector in Brand Management and Sales Coordination for more than 15 years (Attica Dps, Notos Com Holdings S.A.) and since September of 2022 is a part of the Admissions and Recruiting department for Perrotis College.
Contact :


Haroula Katzani is the Director of Finance. She is an Economist with a BSc in Business Economic Administration from the Department of Law & Economics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.  She is responsible for overseeing all the College’s financial activities in order to ensure its strong financial structure and economic development.  Her career experience includes having worked at the Financial Department of the American Farm School since 1994.  In her current position she is responsible for preparing the annual operating and capital budget, monitoring the cash flow on daily basis, analyzing financial data into key performance metrics as well as overseeing the annual audit & any special audits. She also manages incoming gifts and monitors financial aspects of all privately and state-funded projects. Contact:


Eleni Kantyltzoglou is the Coordinator of Outreach & Development in the Study Abroad Department of Perrotis College. She was born and raised in New York before returning to her home country of Greece at the age of 15. She received her Bachelor’s degree from Flagler College, USA in Sport Management and Business Administration. Eleni has extensive experience in the tourism industry in Greece, organizing and leading trips for businesses, travelers, and professional groups. Eleni has also successfully coordinated and managed faculty-led groups from large-scale American universities in Greece and abroad. Her love of education and travel motivated her transition to higher education and study abroad. At Perrotis, Eleni directs the promotion, development, and coordination of the study abroad programs. Contact:

HELEN YARENIS (full time)

Helen Yarenis is the Study Abroad Coordinator of Marketing and Communications at Perrotis College. Born and raised in New Jersey, she received her BA in Psychology from Boston University, USA and CELTA from Center for English Studies in New York. After teaching ESL in Greece for two years, Helen returned to the US to work in the Admissions Department of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. She moved back to Greece in 2004, teaching ESL, advising students seeking post-graduate studies and working as an examiner for several language certification bodies.  At Perrotis College, Helen is responsible for creating marketing content and coordinating communication strategies for study abroad programs. Contact:



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