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Graduate Studies
MSc in Marketing for the Agro-Food Sector

The Master of Science in Marketing for the Agro-Food Sector is an academic program focused on developing impactful marketeers and business people in agricultural and food related industries in Greece and internationally.

The program aims to instill the knowledge, skills and mindset needed to thrive in the agro-food sector, as well asthe critical skills and perspectives for doing it, through a combination of multi-disciplinary classroom and online teaching (blended model), practical activitiesand research projects. 

Classes take place either online or in the classroom in the evening on week days and on weekends, offering students who are currently employed the flexibility needed to pursue graduate work.

The impactful results of the program are achieved through the use of four complimentary components:

Academic teaching
Academic rigour creates clarity of thought and the ability to make fast, actionable decisions.

The academic part of the program is not just about learning theory; instead, it is aimed at providing clarity of thought in a confusing world. The Faculty at Perrotis College Graduate School offers the latest academic thinking frameworks to help students chart their own path. The blended learning environment combines face-to-face interactive teaching with distance learning that incorporates video, text and small group work to provide the most useful and rigorous experience that still allows the flexibility and real-time application enabled by a part-time program, where needed.

Case studies and industry-focused seminars provide insights into real-life challenges and solutions used by marketeers and business people. Subject experts and practitioners engaging in the discussion of key concepts, theories, frameworks, and emerging ideas for developing and enabling businesses at home and abroad.

The practical part of the program allows students to apply the academic knowledge in rea time. Students meet industry practitioners and learn about emerging marketing and business challenges and the solutions they found to overcome them. These interactions help students expand not just their industry-specific knowledge but also shape the way they approach their own business and marketing challenges.

Research project
In the final semester of their studies, students engage in primary research in a thematic area of their interestto put the theories, frameworks and tools they have learned into practice. Past examples include:

  • “Greek consumer’s perception of fresh ready-to-eat salads and predictive analytics for their purchase intention”;
  • “Visual merchandising of milk products and its influence on buying behavior”;
  • “The influence of celebrity endorsement in social media on young adults’ food choices in Northern Greece”;
  • “The effects of sustainability on business model innovation in agro-food”;
  • “Consumer preferences for organic products”, and many more.

Collaborative network

It is essential for students to build a vibrant network to allow them to discover new opportunities, learn, andraise their visibility.Perrotis College School of Graduate Studies has extensive ties with farmers, cooperatives and the food industry in terms of collaboration in research projects and transfer of knowledge. Students are brought into contact with alumni, industry experts and mentors during the many events offered during the residential weeks. These interactions offer the opportunity to broaden the students’ own network.


Fall Semester

·       Entrepreneurship                      

·       Research Methods and Data Management                     

·       Innovative Technologies for Sustainable Agricultural Systems                             

·       Food Marketing and Branding                                        

·       Consumer Needs and Trends     

·       Advanced Topics in Agro-Logistics and Transport     


Spring  Semester

·       Advanced Operations Management                   

·       Digital Marketing                                              

·       Academic Research for Business

·       Domestic and International Sales (Optional)

·       International Supplies and Purchasing    (Optional)

·       Search Marketing (Optional)      

·       Work Based Learning (Optional)


Summer Semester        

·       Management Accounting / Costing

·       Dissertation

Students holding a B.Sc. degree or equivalent in one of the following fields are eligible for the M.Sc. in Marketing for the Agro‐Food Sector:
  • Business Studies
  • Food Science & Technology
  • Agriculture  
  • Animal Husbandry
Applicants with other relevant B.Sc. degrees (such as Industrial & Chemical Engineering) may be considered for admission on the basis of their undergraduate program curriculum. The admissions committee will review every application on an individual basis and may request that additional courses be completed.
To be considered for admission, candidates are also required to either hold a recent minimum TOEFL score of 80 (IBT), or a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 (or equivalent), unless their Bachelor degree has been awarded from an English-speaking institution or the candidate is a native English speaker. All students with no formal or evidence of English language skills are offered the option to sit the Cardiff Met GETS-HE Test (the test is computer based and is organised at the Perrotis College premises). Successful completion of the GETS Higher (81-89% in any individual component) meets the English Language Requirements for direct entry into the program. 
Professional experience is desirable but not required.

Upon successful completion of the program, students should be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical awareness and understanding of the current theories and issues inherent in the marketing process and their applicability in the agro-food sector.
  • Demonstrate analytical skills, critical reflection skills and research evaluation skills necessary for appropriate decision making in the marketing sphere.
  • Demonstrate developed communication and inter-personal skills necessary to operate effectively in the agro-food marketing environment.
  • Demonstrate and apply independent research and critical skills enabling investigation into relevant/appropriate areas both organizationally and academically.

Graduates of the M.Sc. in Marketing for the Agro-Food Sector canfollow a range of career paths in the agricultural and food sectors, both in Greece and abroad. Potential career paths include: Produce and Processed Food Buyer, Export and National Sales and Marketing Manager, Packaging and Logistics Manager, and many other related positions. Employers include large and small organizations in the primary sector, food processing and trading companies, or third-party logistics organizations. Graduates will also be able to work as entrepreneurs, independent consultants and trainers in the agro-food sector. Although this is a specialized program, graduates will acquire transferable skills through common coursework, allowing them to seek employment in other sectors as well.

Graduates who are interested in an international academic career will have the competencies and knowledge required to pursue Ph.D. studies.

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