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Scholarships & Financial Aid
Perrotis College is a non-profit educational institution whose mission, in part, is to provide higher education opportunities to those who would otherwise not be able to gain a college education.

Undergraduate Studies

Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program ensures that more students who meet the College’s academic standards will have the opportunity to receive this education without regard to their socioeconomic background. Those who receive financial aid contribute volunteer work hours in departments throughout the campus and educational farm.

Financial Aid

Financial assistance is awarded to incoming and continuing students based on the following procedures, requirements and criteria. Aside from the provisions identified below, the level of aid offered to an individual may vary according to the funds available from year to year.
Application Procedure
First-Time Applicants:
Any applicant wishing to apply for financial assistance must fill out the Financial Aid Application Form, including information about his or her family’s financial status. This form, along with the Application for Admission, is submitted to the College. Both applications are reviewed by the Admissions & Financial Aid Committee, which makes all determinations regarding admissions and financial assistance for new students.
Continuing Students:
Financial aid decisions for continuing students are made by the Admissions & Financial Aid Committee, since the faculty who are members of that Committee are acquainted with individual students and their academic progress.  Students who were not awarded financial aid during their first year at Perrotis may reapply, but only if their level of need has changed since their initial application for assistance. 
Review Process:
Apart from exceptional cases, decisions regarding financial aid for first-time applicants will be made the Admissions & Records Committee in the weeks prior to the beginning of the academic year.  Those applicants who show exceptional promise and who require a more immediate response regarding their financial aid application will be given priority. Financial aid decisions for continuing students will be made by the Program Committee prior to the beginning of each academic year.

Graduate Studies
Scholarships and assistanships will be available to entering students based, mainly, on their academic performance. Research fellowships opportunities will be offered to students in the second year of their studies.
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