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Study Abroad
For Faculty & Advisors
Sending students to Perrotis
  • Students in all years of university studies are eligible to apply. 
  • A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required.   
  • All classes are taught in English so no prior knowledge of Greek is necessary.
  • Students are encouraged to use our online application form found HERE
  • Final course selection occurs once on campus but accepted students receive a course preference list that they are required to complete.
  • The Fall/ Spring semesters offer 12 to 15 credits; Summer provides 0 to 6 credits.
  • All courses open to Study Abroad students have been approved by Warren Wilson College, which also issues the transcript.


Faculty- led Groups
Perrotis College welcomes short-term faculty-led groups throughout the year. Our location, infrastructure, and experience hosting groups enable us to provide a wide array of services and options to create programs tailor-made around each group’s interests and needs.
Our campus provides:
  • 280-acre grounds
  • Educational Farm
  • Cutting-edge Teaching & Research Facilities
  • Campus Residence and Dining Facilities
  • Office Space and ICT Access
  • Sports Facilities
  • Library
Academic themes of some of our faculty-led programs:
  • Engineering Research
  • Agricultural Leadership
  • Ancient Greek Philosophy and Leadership
  • Mediterranean Diet and Wellness
  • Sports Management
  • Leadership
  • Greek Gastronomy &Culture
  • & many more!
Visit us / Get to know us
Greece is famous for its hospitality! In that spirit, we welcome the opportunity to host interested faculty or administrative staff on our campus to see firsthand everything we offer. If you would like to visit the American Farm School, please email Eleni Kantylzoglou or Helen Yarenis for more information. We also host a familiarization trip each June. Email us for more information.  
Courses in our study abroad program are transferable through our School of Record agreement with Warren Wilson College.  We are also accredited in the UK by Cardiff Metropolitan University.  Additionally, Perrotis College is currently seeking US accreditation through NECHE. We foresee that by Summer 2023, all transcripts will be administered by Perrotis College.
What’s included
Fall and Spring Terms:
  • four courses earning 12 credits in total (maximum 15 credits in total)
  • full room and board
  • 2-day orientation where students learn about the city, transportation, get SIM cards
  • Welcome and Farewell Dinner
  • 4-Day Discovering Athens & Meteora Trip          
  • Mt. Olympus Hiking Trip
  • Entrance fees to museums/ historical sites
  • museum and walking tours of the city 
  • use of libraries, computer services, sports facilities, and other student services
  • transportation from Thessaloniki Airport “Makedonia” to the American Farm School between the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm
  • Research, work internship or academic courses
  • credit options from 0 to 6
  • full room and board
  • 2-day orientation where students learn about the city, transportation, get SIM cards
  • Welcome and Farewell Dinner
  • 4-Day Discovering Athens & Meteora Trip
  • Mt. Olympus Hiking Trip
  • 1-Day Sailing Trip around Halkidiki
  • Entrance fees to museums/ historical sites
  • museum and walking tours of the city 
  • Full Day Kayaking/Rafting Adventure (optional)
  • 4-Day Sailing Voyage to 3 islands (Skopelos, Skiathos, and Alonissos) (optional)


Fall/Spring Term

Duration: 12 weeks

  • Room & Board
  • Tuition: 4 courses (12 credits)
  • Administration Fee
  • Local Cultural Excursions
  • 4-Day Discovering Athens & Meteora Trip
  • Hiking Mt. Olympus Trip
Optional Activities and Costs:
- Additional Course (3 credits)
- 2- Day Discovering Picturesque Ioannina + Rafting Adventure & other optional field trips

Summer Term

Duration: 6 weeks

  • Room & board
  • Tuition: Greek Cultural Experience (no credits)
  • Additional course (no credits): Research internship, Work internship, Greek Wine Business
  • Administration Fee
  • Supervised Research Fee
  • Local Cultural Excursions
  • 4-Day Discovering Athens & Meteora Trip
  • 3-Day Discovering Athens Trip
  • Mt. Olympus + beach day Excursion
  • 1 Day Sailing Trip - Halkidiki

Optional Activities and Costs
4-Day Sailing Voyage (Visiting Skopelos, Skiathos & Alonissos islands) 


What is the application process?
Prospective students must submit the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM and a resume. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for acceptance. Upon receiving the form, the study abroad committee will review the application and supporting documents. An email notification and acceptance letter will be sent to the email the student has provided. 
Do I need a visa?
All of our programs are under the 89 day limit, therefore there is no visa requirement for our study abroad students.
Do my credits transfer back to my university?
Yes. All courses, including research and work internship positions are transferable 3-credits. Transcripts will be sent from our School of Record, Warren Wilson College, to the student’s home address and home institution within 45 days of completion of the program.  
Do I need to know Greek?
No. Perrotis College study abroad programs are taught in English. Also, in Thessaloniki and most parts of Greece, English is widely spoken. However, Greek lessons are a part of the Greek Cultural Experience course in order to provide students a richer understanding of Greece.
How do I pay? Does Perrotis College offer scholarships or financial aid?
There are two payment methods. Either the bill can be sent directly to the student’s home institution or to the student. This depends on the collaboration between the home institution and Perrotis College. Please speak to your study abroad advisor or Perrotis study abroad staff to ensure correct method of payment. Any scholarships or financial aid must be provided by your home institution. 
What classes can I take?
Study abroad students may enroll in any class they desire under our specialized fields of study: Sustainable Agriculture & Management, Food Science & Technology, International Business, Environmental Science, and Digital Marketing. The only mandatory class for all study abroad students is the Greek Cultural Experience.
Do I have to work on the farm or fields? 
It is not a requirement to work on our educational farm and/or fields. Even though some courses provide field trips and field work, only prospective students interning on our farm are required to work provided that they applied for the position.
What do class schedules look like at Perrotis College?
Perrotis College class schedule follows the UK academic system. Which means that classes meet once or twice a week, 3 to 4 hour lectures (sometimes including lab work). This means that students may not have classes on some days. We encourage students to fulfill their time by volunteering and/or exploring the city of Thessaloniki. 
“There’s so much happening around the world, and the only way to be more well versed is to be a global citizen.” – Freida Pinto
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