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Academic Overview

All classes are taught in English, allowing study abroad students to learn alongside our full-time students from Greece and the Balkans. 
Fields of Study:
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Management                     
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Agro - Business & Food Business Management
Fall Term
Perrotis College Fall Term Program is a 12-week program, beginning in late September and ending around December 20th. Students enroll in 4 courses, totaling 12 credits (up to 15 credits available for an additional fee). 
In order to get fully immersed into Greek culture, all students are required to enroll in the Greek Cultural Experience course (3 credits). 
The remaining courses are chosen from our fields of study. 
Spring Term
Perrotis College Spring Term Program is a 12-week program, beginning in late January and ending around April 20th. 
It allows students to enroll in 4 courses, totaling 12 credits (up to 15 credits available for an additional fee). 
In order to get fully immersed into Greek culture, all students are required to enroll in the Greek Cultural Experience
course (3 credits).
The remaining courses are chosen from our fields of study. 
Summer Term
Perrotis College Summer Term Program is a 6-week program, beginning in late May until the end of June. Students may earn up to 6 credits. A no credit option is also available.
In order to get fully immersed into Greek culture, all students are required to enroll in the Greek Cultural Experience course and choose to enroll in one of the following programs:
- 6–week Intensive Courses:
  • Wine Business: From Ancient Local Tradition to Modern International Industry
  • Greek Mediterranean Diet
- Research Internship: Students conduct research with other like-minded individuals in our new, modern laboratories, our educational farm or fields under the supervision of a research supervisor.
- Work Internship: Students enroll as work interns in one of our educational farm units; including our Dairy Farm unit, Poultry unit, Horticulture unit and Dairy Processing Lab. 
Wine Business


Perrotis College does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, national origin, disability, or any other status or condition protected by law.  
We care about your stay in Greece, and we believe your cultural immersion & entertainment are just as important as your academic growth and development. For this reason, we provide built-in cultural excursions offering you an experience that you will never forget! 
It’s part of the program – with no extra cost!
During the Fall and Spring Terms, we offer the following excursions:
3-Day Discovering Athens Trip
All study abroad students are invited to join us on an exciting trip to Athens, the capital of Greece. To get a complete picture of Greece, this experience is a must! Our local guide will lead us through the colorful streets of Athens so students will get a taste of all the capital has to offer. Some of the experiences will include a guided tour of the Acropolis Hill & the Acropolis Museum, a walk in downtown Plaka & Monastiraki square, dining in traditional Greek taverns. In addition, they will be given tips & activities to do on their own in order to fulfill personal preferences. It is the perfect bonding opportunity for all students while enjoying one of the oldest cities of the world!

2-Day Meteora Trip
Meteora, which means "in the heavens above," is the home of 6 monasteries built around the 14th century on
1000-feet-high rock pillars.  The location, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has featured in numerous movies
such as the 1981 James Bond film, For Your Eyes Only, and Pokemon:  Arceus and the Jewel of Life.  Students are
given guided tours of the monasteries, and can even go rock climbing for a breathtaking experience they will never
1-Day Mt. Olympus Hiking Trip
On this trip of a lifetime, hike up Mount Olympus to enjoy breathtaking views and delicious meals.
The below excursion is extra for the FALL / Sping Terms:
2- Day Discovering Picturesque Ioannina + Rafting Adventure
For those who want to explore a traditional Greek town plus an exciting outdoor activity, look no further! The 2 day trip includes a city walking tour of Ioannina, a picturesque city known for its lively youthful atmosphere, a boat tour to Lake Pamvoti Island, the only lake island in Greece and a fun rafting adventure in Voidomatis river.
During the Summer Term, we offer the following excursions:
3-Day Discovering Athens Trip
Stay in Athens for two full days and 1 day on the Greek island of Hydra, which offers options for every type of traveler. 
Students dive into Greek history and culture while also enjoying the beauty of a Greek island. 

Mt. Olympus Short Hike + beach day at Olympic Beach
In the summer explore a hiking trail at the foot of Mt. Olympus. Hike for approximately 5 hours while enjoying the
scenery like beautiful crystal clear waterfalls and the one and only amazing holy cave of St. Dionysios! After the hike,
jump straight into the Olympian Riviera and enjoy a relaxed afternoon at the beach. 
1-Day Sailing Trip around Halkidiki
Head over to Marmaras in Halkidiki, where we will embark on our journey. With the assistance of our experienced captain, explore the sea around the ‘legs’ of Halkidiki, enjoy swimming, good food and great company!
The below excursions are extra costs for the summer term:
4-Day Sailing Voyage to 3 islands (Skopelos, Skiathos, and Alonissos)
3 islands, 4 days, Endless memories…
For all of our summer study abroad students, we offer a unique experience - a voyage on the Aegean Sea!  On a 4-day private sailing journey with our licensed captain, travel to three of the most beautiful Sporades islands: Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos. This ultimate island-hopping adventure will certainly be one of your favorite experiences in Greece!  Sail towards the first island while stopping at nearby uninhabited islets to go swimming. In the evening, the captain docks the boat and the whole evening is yours to enjoy the island. Sleep on board and set sail the next day for a different island. It is the perfect experience to take in all of what Greece has to offer: culture, nature, sea, entertainment, food and much more!
Cultural Offerings
Greece is a country rich in culture with a history spanning thousands of years.  A fusion of history, language, religion, time-honored traditions, music, family ties, and food make up just some of the layers of Greek culture.  We aim to provide students who choose Perrotis College a full experience of what Greece is and what it offers.
Interactive Cultural Orientation Session
Begin your time in Greece with a 60 minute orientation session where we inform students about Greek traditions and customs concerning religion, etiquette, superstitions and more! We discuss Greek attitudes on important social issues
like race, sexual identity, the refugee crisis, gender roles, etc. We offer tips of do’s and don’ts and go over basic Greek phrases to prepare students for what is to come.
Greek Cooking Session
The Greek Cultural Experience course offers many opportunities for students to learn the culture of their host country away from desks and books. One such opportunity is learning how to cook traditional Greek meals. Students will learn how to cook Greek food with a local resident and with food products produced on our campus! Imagine yourself going home and being able to cook delicious Mediterranean dishes for your friends and family! Who wouldn’t love to try tzatziki made by you? 
Greek Language Sessions
Γεια σου! ("YAH-soo": “Hello” in Greek) Greek is the oldest living language in the world. The language is so fundamental and influential that thousands of English words in science, mathematics and medicine are rooted in the Greek language! Now is your chance to broaden your vocabulary. There are several sessions to help you learn the basics of the Greek language. 
Greek Dancing Session
Folk dancing is a tradition in Greece that goes back to ancient times. Dancing has always been embedded deeply in Greek history & culture. It’s not only about how you move, but what you feel when you move! You will have the opportunity to become part of a great tradition by learning the most popular Greek dances.
City Tours
Part of the Greek Cultural Experience course is learning about the wonderful and long history of Greece. In order to really get a feel for the historical aspect, students go on different city tours of Thessaloniki. In addition, as part of the 3-day Athens trip, students go on a city tour of Athens either by foot or bicycle and get to visit the famous Parthenon on the Acropolis!
Visits to museums, markets, organic farms, vineyards & more!
Some academic courses include fun but informative field trips that are related to class content, such as visits to museums and markets, organic farms and vineyards, and nearby exhibitions and fairs. Following our philosophy of ‘hands on learning,’ most courses include a component of learning outside the classroom. This creates the perfect opportunity for study abroad students wanting to learn more about Greek culture. 
Housing, Amenities and Meals

All study abroad students stay at Aliki Perrotis Residence Hall, a modern, 4000-square meter building that houses up to 96 students.  Built in 2010, the design and the construction materials  of the three-story building optimize energy and water-use efficiency.



  • All rooms are suite-style, featuring 2 bedrooms, 1 common living room area and 2 separate bathrooms
  • All rooms have access to individual balconies or terraces designed to ensure protection from the sun in the summer, while allowing the sun to enter in the winter months.
  • There is a multi-purpose public space to accommodate educational, cultural and recreational events and gatherings.
  • During construction, a late Roman era water system was discovered and has been preserved both inside and outside the southeast walls of the building.
  • The residence hall public space accommodates educational, cultural and recreational events.
  • There is a relaxing roof garden where you can enjoy beautiful views and great conversation!

Campus Amenities

  • Laundry facilities: free of charge
  • Free WiFi in all areas on campus, including the dorm rooms
  • Café – snack bar
  • Dining hall / cafeteria
  • Athletic facilities: Soccer field, basketball court, rock-climbing wall, trampoline & weight room
  • ATM
  • Campus Store: sells authentic, campus-produced food products like yogurt, milk, eggs, cheese, & wine


Three meals per day are included in all study abroad programs.  Our dining service honors all dietary restrictions. Dining at our two campus cafeterias offers a wonderful opportunity to mingle with students, faculty and staff.

Dates and Details

FALL 2021

Expected Arrival Date: Sept. 17
Orientation: Sept. 18 - 19
Start of Classes: Sept. 20
Last Day of Classes: Dec. 10
Expected Departure Date: Dec. 11
Total Weeks: 12
Minimum credits: 12 (up to 15 credits available)
Application deadline: rolling basis



Expected Arrival Date: Jan. 17

Orientation: Jan. 18 - Jan. 19

Start of Classes: Jan. 24
Last Day of Classes: April 15
Expected Departure Date: April 15
Total Weeks:12
Minimum credits: 12 (up to 15 credits available)
Application deadline: Dec. 1st


Expected Arrival Date: Jun. 3
Orientation: Jun 4-5
Start of Classes: Jun. 6
Last Day of Classes: Jul.15
Expected Departure Date: Jul. 17
Total Weeks: 6
Minimum credits: 0 (up to 6 credits available)
Application Deadline: (flexible) on a rolling basis


Fall/Spring Term

Duration: 12 weeks

  • Room & Board
  • Tuition: 4 courses (12 credits)
  • Administration Fee
  • Local Cultural Excursions
  • 3-Day Discovering Athens Trip
  • 2-Day Meteora Trip
  • 1-Day Mt. Olympus Trip
Optional Activities and Costs:
- Additional Course (3 credits)
- 2- Day Discovering Picturesque Ioannina + Rafting Adventure

Summer Term

Duration: 6 weeks

  • Room & board
  • Tuition: Greek Cultural Experience (no credits)
  • Additional course (no credits): Research internship, Work internship, Greek Wine Business
  • Administration Fee
  • Supervised Research Fee
  • Local Cultural Excursions
  • 3-Day Discovering Athens Trip
  • Mt. Olympus + beach day Excursion
  • 1 Day Sailing Trip - Halkidiki

Optional Activities and Costs

- 4-Day Sailing Voyage (Visiting Skopelos, Skiathos & Alonissos islands) 
What is the application process?
Prospective students must submit the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM and a resume. A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required for acceptance. Upon receiving the form, the study abroad committee will review the application and supporting documents. An email notification and acceptance letter will be sent to the email the student has provided. 
Do I need a visa?
All of our programs are under the 89 day limit, therefore there is no visa requirement for our study abroad students.
Do my credits transfer back to my university?
Yes. All courses, including research and work internship positions are transferable 3-credits. Transcripts will be sent from our School of Record, Warren Wilson College, to the student’s home address and home institution within 45 days of completion of the program.  
Do I need to know Greek?
No. Perrotis College study abroad programs are taught in English. Also, in Thessaloniki and most parts of Greece, English is widely spoken. However, Greek lessons are a part of the Greek Cultural Experience course in order to provide students a richer understanding of Greece.
How do I pay? Does Perrotis College offer scholarships or financial aid?
There are two payment methods. Either the bill can be sent directly to the student’s home institution or to the student. This depends on the agreement between the home institution and Perrotis College. Please speak to your study abroad advisor or Perrotis study abroad staff to ensure correct method of payment. Any scholarships or financial aid must be provided by your home institution. There will be *new* scholarships offered for the academic year of 2019. Please contact us for more information.
What classes can I take?
Study abroad students may enroll in any class they desire under our specialized fields of study: Agricultural & Environmental Science, Food Science & Technology and Agro-Business & Food Business Management. The only mandatory class for all study abroad students is the Greek Cultural Experience.
Do I have to work on the farm or fields? 
It is not a requirement to work on our educational farm and/or fields. Even though some courses provide field trips and field work, only students interning on our farm are required to work provided that they applied for the position.
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