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Student Services
Perrotis College, by following the foundations of the American Farm School offers an overall student experience: The academic, the student life and the residence hall experience. The Perrotis Student Services’ mission is to engage students in the full American Farm School Experience by improving Life and Study Skills, creating Relationships and developing a Support System. Our vision is to have young people prepared to become better citizens of the world, positive contributors to the environment, to be respective and diverse-minded leaders. Also, Perrotis College is the only institution in Greece which is a member of the European university colleges Association. EucA gives lots of opportunities to our students such professional development through non-formal and informal activities in the fields of employability, soft skills, international mobility, responsible citizenship and opportunities to travel in various events among EU.
The Perrotis College Student Services:
Student Life (extra-curricular activities, trips and clubs)
o All staff is trained to support students outside of the classroom, to ensure their safety and well-being, and to organize extracurricular clubs, trips and activities. Clubs and Trips are announced at the beginning of each Semester to the students.
Residence Life & Residents Assistant Program
Residence Life is designed to be a positive educational experience in a comfortable, modern suite-style residence hall that encourages personal and social development, as well as respect for cultural diversity. Students who live on campus develop a close-knit community spirit through various activities and excursions. Students are supported by the Coordinator of Student Life. There are also two Resident Assistants, who are trained student-leaders living in the residence hall. The Aliki Perroti Student Residence, residence hall and student center is located near the main entrance of the American Farm School. It combines rooms with multipurpose public space to accommodate educational, cultural and recreational events and gatherings. Double rooms in suite style equipped with the necessary furniture, bathroom, cooling, heating, Wi-Fi and access to individual balconies or terraces that are designed to ensure sun protection from the south in summer, while allowing the sun to enter in the winter months. In the Student Residence you can find common areas such as laundry room with 24hour access, front and back yard, lounge for relaxation group meetings, roof garden and dining hall that you are provided with a meal per day. Also, the dining hall operates as a café and it is fully equipped with TV screens, cable TV and sound system.
Perrotis Leaders & Mentors Program
o PLMs are student role models who serve a vital role in the transition of our first-year and Study Abroad students when entering the American Farm School community. PLMs are dedicated leaders who possess strong communication skills, a desire to be part of our team, and pride in Perrotis College. PLMs provide advice and support and serve as role models for younger students who need assistance and guidance. Challenges facing those being mentored could include problems with schoolwork; social issues, such as pressure to drink or smoke; family problems or tension; and other typical difficulties of transitioning into college entering adulthood. A peer mentor can also simply be someone for a first-year student to hang out with.
Tutors Program to support students' academic performance and success
It is expected that tutors are supportive of the concepts of Perrotis College and the self-directed approach as an effective method for learning and that they recognize the place of the tutorial as a forum for students to integrate information, obtain guidance and feedback. The tutor is the facilitator of the tutorial process. The tutor is not a content expert but guides the student(s), ensures the participation of all the members and keeps it from going "way out in left field".
Health & Psychosocial Support Services
A School psychologist is on our student support team who facilitates learning and promotes the cognitive, social and personal development of all students and their psychological well-being. Students can meet individually with the School psychologist to manage stress/anxiety, social problems, self-esteem, or resolve conflicts.
A full-time doctor is available on weekdays. If necessary, students are escorted to Thermi’s Health Center or a local hospital.
Student Services Seminars
Student Services Seminars are offered on a weekly basis for each academic year. These one hour seminars are built into the students’ academic schedule. Topics are focused on developing students’ social / soft skills that are important for our modern world.
The “Labbouise” Athletic center is combined by an indoor and outdoor basketball court, football field, tennis court and a weight lifting room. Students have the opportunity to exercise and have fun between their academic obligations by keeping their body and mind healthy.
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