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Touristic experiences for our Alternative Tourism trainees at Ioannina
19th December 2018

In the framework of the Alternative Tourism program and the Creation of Tourist Experience course, which is part of the “New Agriculture for a New Generation”, the trainees were able to follow the action "The roads of the Silvermen" in the city of Ioannina. The action included a walk in the city of Ioannina with the discovery of the city's jewelery tradition, guided tours at the Silversmithing Museum and KEPAVI (Traditional Crafts Center of Ioannina) as well as an active participation in the creation of jewelery with the valuable help of experienced jewelry artificers.

The purpose of  thisaction was for the trainees to comprehend the principles that govern and influence touristic experiences and to develop ideas for improving their quality.

Trainer:  Mrs. Rania Rodopha

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