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News & Announcements
First meeting for the Genisea’s Sugar Cane Syrup project
17th January 2018

A women’s association founded in 1999, is trying to revive a traditional culture of sugarcane and produce a well- known traditional sugar cane molasses (syrup). Starting with the cultivation of sugarcane, its juicing, its baking, its packaging and its standardization they end up with a final product called Petimezi. However, during the processing of the product there are many limitations that are increasing the cost production and labor cost. The Strategic Project Management Office through the “Thriving Land” program has developed a support program aiming at the improvement of the processing line and the marketing of the product. Οn January 17th at the premises of GenesiaKΟIN. Σ.EΠ. held the first meeting between the women’s association and the representatives of SPMO for the Sugar Cane Syrupprojectto record the current situation.

Scientific Coordinator of the action

Dr. Maria Gougouli

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