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9 castaways, 1 life raft, 24 hours at sea, 1st survivor exercise at sea
13th November 2019

On October 18, 2019, a24-hour Survivor Exercise in real life terms began for the graduates of the Alternative Tourism program, four nautical miles offshore, in Anchialos.

The “castaways” were “rescued” the next day by the Hellenic Rescue Team and the Hellenic Air force Rescue Helicopters.

The purpose of the exercise was to educate our graduates on safety and survival practices at sea at a practical level and on the other hand.

to assess  and evaluate rescuing  practices and ways to detect and a wind-drifted liferaft.

Itwill be followed by a four-hour theoretical while a report, at the disposal of all stakeholders will be issued by the Hellenic Rescue Team.

The exercise was implemented by the Hellenic Rescue Team in collaboration with

the American Farm School, the Hellenic Coast Guard, the 111 Hellenic Air Force, the Aristotle University School of Medicine (Lab of Medical Physics), the National Emergency Aid Centre, The Hellenic National Meteorological Services, Lalizas Life Saving Equipment Company, Terra Spatium GIS, and Aegean.

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