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7th Agro-Technology Conference
10th December 2018

For the seventh consecutive year Perrotis College hosted the AgroTechnology Conference, about "Corporate Social Responsibility and Contractual Agriculture," held in the Seth Frank Amphitheater of Aliki Perrottis College. In his brief greeting, the President of the American Farm School and Perrotis College Dr. Panos Kanellis referred to the educational dimension of corporate social responsibility and contract farming. "I believe that the purest form of corporate social responsibility is when a processor tries - beyond the quality of the product - to also give the grower the opportunity to be trained. Learn new technologies, less polluting the environment, and of course the financial benefits of cooperation. We have focused on this area for several years. We collaborate with many companies and we see that every year farmers and producers coming to participate in contract farming and take under consideration: precision farming, entrepreneurship and how to implement it. I believe that the biggest offer a company can make to the producers when they contract farming agreement is to give them the supplies to be able to do so in the best possible way for themselves and for the final product," he said. The conference was organized by the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce.

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