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Perrotis College is moving towards accreditation by N.E.C.H.E.
4th September 2020
Perrotis College has taken another step towards joining the list of the world's top educational institutions certified by the New England Commission of Higher Education (N.E.C.H.E.). In June, the College received initial recognition as a "candidate institution" and is moving towards accreditation.

The "roadmap" for the recognition as a candidate institution began in November 2019 when a five-member group of N.E.C.H.E. representatives visited the Perrotis College campus. During the visit, team members met with professors, staff and students and discussed academic, financial and administrative issues.
The team submitted a report to the College Administration with the main findings of the visit. The same report was discussed at the N.E.C.H.E. Committee meeting (which consists of 29 members, representatives from academia, student support services, finance managers, etc.), which took place in June. Perrotis College was represented by President Dr. Panos Kanellis and the president of the Board of Trustees of Perrotis College and the American Farm School, Dr. David Acker.
N.E.C.H.E. is the oldest and most important certification body in the United States, which - among others - has accredited Harvard, Yale, MIT and dozens of other universities. Its degrees are recognized in the U.S. and worldwide and receiving accreditation will add on to the prestige and international recognition of the Perrotis College academic programs.
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