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Perrotis College reopens, distance learning resumes
15th May 2020

Perrotis College welcomes students back to campus on May 25th, following a two-month class suspension declared by the Greek Ministries of Education and Health as a precautionary measure against the spread of COVID-19. Students will attend laboratory courses, as all theoretical courses have been completed through distance learning.

Safety measures to be implemented range from keeping windows open for ventilation to spacing desks two meters apart and maintaining physical distance. Students who are not able to sit for the final exams, will be given the opportunity to do so in September.

During the lockdown, Perrotis College - in collaboration with Cardiff Metropolitan University - took all necessary measures to ensure a smooth transition to distance learning and to secure that the semester would not be lost. Faculty activated all online tools available for both synchronous and asynchronous learning. One of the main challenges was to schedule online classes for the Study Abroad students because of the time difference. Nonetheless, with the valuable support of the Student Services Department, Study Abroad students were able to follow online lectures. 
Moving forward, faculty and administration are closely working together to further develop and offer distance learning courses.
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