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Promitheas Angelos Mitronikas- Perrotis College class of 2019
7th March 2021
Promitheas, currently a Sales Representative at Liafarm S.A., thanks Perrotis College for providing him with theoretical and practical knowledge that proved to be a great asset to his career. A member of the class of 2019, Promitheas shares his student experience at Perrotis College,   identifies the advantages of his studies and reveals the elements that make Perrotis College stand out.
He completed his studies in the "International Business and Marketing Management" program in 2019. "For me, Perrotis College was a very important chapter of my education and offered me life experiences. The multinational and multicultural environment, gave me the opportunity to develop my character and skills, but most importantly to form friendships that will last forever. "The curriculum follows an interactive teaching method with specific objectives, content, strategies and resources," he says. He describes the three years of his studies as "full of experiences and memories" and reveals two moments he will never forget: his meeting with Mrs. Aliki Perroti and his educational trip to the Cardiff Metropolitan University of Wales.
"Each program provides the students with the appropriate tools to continue their studies at a postgraduate level. But it does not stop there. "A year after graduation and after having completed my military service, I was looking for a job when the Student Services Center approached me, offered me a re-evaluation of my CV and prepared me properly for my interviews," he adds. He urges current students to engage more with other students at Perrotis College to make unforgettable moments during their studies and to keep in touch with the academic staff, as they are all well experienced and have a lot of advice to share with them. "I believe that knowledge cannot be understood without practice. Perrotis College is an institution that constantly provides its students with theoretical and practical knowledge, which is definitely an asset for the future. In addition, it offers different jobs for students that can help build work experience and skills,” he emphasizes. He recalls that during his studies he had the opportunity to work in five different positions, which provided him with a lot of knowledge, skills and work experience.
It should be noted that in 2020 Promitheas Mitronikas was a finalist of the Project Future implemented by ReGeneration. "ReGeneration was founded by the Global Shapers Athens Hub. Project Future is Piraeus Bank's pioneering corporate responsibility program, which uses ReGeneration know-how to bridge the gap between higher education and the job market. I was selected as one of the Project Future participants, for the project "Project Management with Agile Specialization" among a total of 6,000 candidates. ReGeneration has given me the opportunity to interact with more than 200 participants, expand my network, share ideas and gain experience. ”ReGeneration, for a period of one year, gave access to my CV to all the companies that are members of its network", he concludes.
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