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Perrotis College Alumni Office is developing
11th December 2018

In September 2018, at the initiative of President Dr. Panagiotis Kanellis, the Perrotis College Alumni Office was established. The mission of this office is to create a lifelong supportive community of PC Alumni and Students - sharing job and social information, raising awareness of relevant world issues, and enjoying one another in a constructive and ongoing relationship. Since our first graduating class in 1998, five hundred and fifty Perrotis College alums have entered the marketplace, establishing their own businesses or accepting leading positions in large enterprises in Greece or abroad. The Alumni Office records and follows our graduates from their first year of studies at Perrotis College, creating a meaningful network among them and supporting their every effort.  Please share with us your own ideas of what we can offer one another and how we can support our alma mater. Help us reach out to other alums you may have contact with, and help us plan events where we can remember our past and direct our futures.

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