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Konstantinos Oroilidis - Perrotis College class of 2017
12th February 2021
Konstantinos Oroilidis considers Perrotis College his "home". He is currently a Software Developer Trainee at Spectro-AG, a company that focuses on the design and development of various superspectral and multispectral sensors for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) systems and precision farming solutions via applications and satellite data in the Netherlands. Konstantinos Oroilidis speaks with the warmest words about the years he spent as a student at Perrotis College, which - as he says - has played a catalytic role in his career.
"For me Perrotis College is a home, a place where I could combine the quality of education with fun and social life", he shares and admits that despite graduating four years ago, he makes sure to visit campus every time he returns from the Netherlands. He emphasises that Perrotis College provided him with career opportunities, enabling him to supplement his CV with professional experience, which helped him develop various skills for the job market.
His advice to current Perrotis College students? "Enjoy every moment in college, whether in the classroom or at the student residence. The student years are the best in a young person's life, especially if they take place in an environment such as the Perrotis College campus. Also, study hard as I am absolutely sure that the knowledge you will gain will be a powerful weapon for the future. It's amazing how Perrotis College has the ability to prepare its students for the next academic or professional step, something you have to recognise and appreciate." He remembers that his favorite moment at Perrotis College was when he talked about his experiences during Perrotis Day. “It’s imprinted in my mind as a very strong memory; I expressed my sincere opinion and the experiences of my student years in front of a number of important people like Mrs. Aliki Perroti", he adds.
Konstantinos Oroilidis believes that Perrotis College has played a key role in his professional career. "My years at the College helped me develop important personal skills such as responsibility and empathy. I have to admit that if it were not for Perrotis College, I'm not sure I would get a Master’s degree from the best agricultural university in the world. Perrotis College, thank you very much for everything from the bottom of my heart!”
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