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Alumni Xpress: Olga Momat (Perrotis College, class of 2015)
6th November 2020

Olga Momat from Moldova studied at Perrotis College and has been pursuing a brilliant career in the private sector. She currently works as a Brand Manager in one of Europe’s leading online cosmetics retailers for subscription boxes.

“For me, Perrotis College was a life changing experience. The three years of my Undergraduate Studies at Perrotis College taught me not only the knowledge provided within the curriculum but many life lessons. Five years after I completed my studies, I still feel that I can return to my Alma Mater, and feel welcomed”, she said. She added that she has “amazing and unforgettable” memories. She will never forget, for example, the time she was elected the Student Union President of Perrotis College and, as a result, she was invited to go to Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales, where she met other Student Union representatives from other universities with whom she keeps in touch to this day.

“Immediately after graduating from Perrotis College I went on to obtain my master’s degree. Perrotis College certainly prepared me for my master’s classes, as I understood the system and what was expected from me as a student in order to have a successful graduate education. Perrotis College helped to significantly improve my time management skills; this helped me a lot during my master’s degree as I was always on time with my assignments”.  During her first year of her graduate studies, she started working for Cherrybox and the experiences gained at Perrotis College helped her greatly. “I was able to effectively multitask and keep up with working during the day and studying in the evenings. The New Product Development course helped me in a great way in my everyday work life. I would never have thought that it would be my day to day task, and now as a professional in my field I always go back to the knowledge that I have received at Perrotis College”, she said.

She urges current Perrotis College students to enjoy the experience and engage with the professors. “They are the best mentors you could possibly have! I strongly believe that Perrotis College offers a great variety of courses that combine both theoretical and practical aspects, allowing you to strengthen your skills as you are combing and gaining experiences from two perspectives. Overall, I believe that choosing Perrotis College for me was the most important and best decision that I have ever made. Had I not studied at Perrotis College I would not be where I am today”, she concluded.

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