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Perrotis College and Study Abroad program welcome eight new students from the U.S.
25th January 2019
In its continued efforts to internationalize Perrotis College, the Study Abroad Office welcomed eight US students to the campus on January 25th. In the US the students attend the renowned institutions Iowa State University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Warren Wilson College and for twelve weeks will live and study among full-time Perrotis students. In addition to coursework related to their majors in Food Sciences, Environmental Studies, Agronomy and Advertising, they will participate in a variety of activities related to the agro-food sector, Greek history and culture as well as trips to Athens and Meteora, thus broadening their education.
When asked what they enjoyed most about Perrotis College, the faculty and personalized attention received were most often mentioned. According to Claire Voiss (Iowa State University), "Professors are excellent and so close to the students.”  Brian Lapham of the University of Illinois Urbana –Champaign added, "It is the most personal education I have experienced... You walk on campus and run into professors. It's unique." 
The hands-on philosophy of the school also resonated with the students, reflecting that personal attention and meaningful real-life focus.  Alexandra Kliegl (Iowa State University) commented, "What’s impressive about Perrotis College is the experiential way of learning," while Amanda Hopkins (Warren Wilson College) added, "It is amazing that all courses have labs and are not only on a theoretical level."  
The culture of Greece and the opportunity to learn more about history and nature while studying also played a decisive role for some students in their choice to come to Perrotis College. Michael Dietrich (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) said, "I wanted to experience a different culture, and the choice of Greece turned out to be a good one," and his classmate Ariel Gomez (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign) agreed. "I like Greece, so I chose to come here. Perrotis College exudes a unique - almost family - 'air'."
The Study Abroad students will be staying at Perrotis College until April 20 and hope to explore much more of the beautiful Greek countryside.
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