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Aleksandra Pavlovska (Perrotis College Class of 2013) and Perica Pocuca (Perrotis College Class of 2012)
10th June 2021
Aleksandra Pavlovska from North Macedonia and Perica Pocuca from Serbia, met at Perrotis College and have been a couple ever since. The College is a place they hold dear to their hearts, the place they met, fell in love, created everlasting friendships and memories and, of course, the beginning of impressive careers. Perica and Aleksandra currently work and live in Germany but they never forget about Perrotis College.
Both graduates of Perrotis College B.Sc. degree in International Business, they graduated with a difference of one year: Perica in 2012 and Aleksandra in 2013 and continued their studies at the Hohenheim University in Stuttgart, pursuing a Master's degree in "Organic Agriculture and Food System".
After graduating, Aleksandra joined Japan Tobacco International in 2016 as a Global Leaf Agronomy instructor and worked for more than two years in Germany, Turkey, Serbia, Brazil, Zambia, Malawi, and Tanzania and for the past two years she has been working for the product integrity team based in Trier, Germany and dealing with agrochemicals in tobacco. Perica worked from 2016 to 2019 as a production manager at a large apple orchard near Belgrade, which exports its products to Russia and other markets. Since last year, he has been working in Parts Europe as a Customer Agent for the Swedish and Danish market based in Trier, Germany. It is one of the largest distributors of spare parts and accessories in Europe for the sports industry (motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, etc.).
"Perrotis launched our multinational careers. Needless to say, it equipped us with practical knowledge through assignments that were in fact real-life projects. As graduates of Perrotis College, we were both accepted in a Master's program at a renowned university which has then helped us to get jobs in large multinational companies," they share. They urge Perrotis College students to plan their future, create long lasting friendships and, above all, to be in close contact with their professors. They consider Perrotis College graduates the best ambassadors of the institution and underline that their undergraduate studies had a great impact on their professional and personal success. "Perrotis College has one of the best campuses in Southeastern Europe. We both received invaluable career advice and guidance from the institute's professors, whom we thank warmly for their dedication, trust and their willingness to pass on knowledge."
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