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Participation of Perrotis College in the AGreen’Smart program
13th November 2020

AGreen’Smart is a 3-year project (2021-2023) aiming to link the added values of the use of digital technologies in crop farming and animal husbandry (respectively precision agriculture and precision livestock farming), and related tools to valorize data (big data, artificial intelligence or robotics) and the mitigation and adaptation to climate change for a more sustainable agriculture, taking into account economic, environmental and social challenges.

The program aims to address these issues through the following objectives and activities:

  • establishing and maintaining a high-quality European teaching network on different and transdisciplinary subjects;
  • sustaining perennial European partnerships among Higher Education Institutes; 
  • providing to a large public the possibility to improve their knowledge about the previously cited domains - developing continuous training leading to the development of a full master's program on “smart and green agriculture".

The seven academic partners involved in AGreen’Smart (the same as in the previous 3-year project SMART FARMING) offer a synergistic cooperation through different topics useful to the project.

Each year, five students from each university participate in the intensive program in three different countries and, after completing all requirements, they receive five ECTS units at Level 7 (M.Sc.).

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