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Ioakeim Goulidis - Perrotis College Class of 2016
7th May 2021
His degree in Food Science and Technology was the beginning of an amazing journey in the world of food science, which provided him with knowledge and skills that were crucial for his graduate studies and his career. Ioakim received his Master’s Degree in Integrated Food Studies from the University of Copenhagen and he currently holds the position of head of the R&D department of Muri Drinks in the Danish capital.
"Perrotis College has laid a solid foundation for the rest of my academic and professional career. It made me think and work with a more scientific and critical approach ", he says when asked how his experience at Perrotis impacted his career.
"I feel grateful for my choice to study there and I often feel like I want to go back to those years," he says, revealing that his best memory from Perrotis College was when one of his teachers told the class that he didn’t see them as students but as his work colleagues since they were capable to tackle and handle successfully various situations in the food industry. “That moment made me feel valued as a person and boosted my confidence. During my studies at Perrotis College, I could not appreciate the importance of everything I learned and how I would use it. Later, as a professional, everything started to make sense. He urges the current students to value the knowledge they are getting as one day they will find it very useful. Ioakim believes that the curriculum, the excellent facilities and the high level of studies, are the main reasons why someone should choose Perrotis College. "However, the most important factor at Perrotis is its people. Extremely skilled, with amazing experience, but most importantly, with love for what they do and a non-stop will and eagerness to pass their knowledge onto their students”, he concludes.
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