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Perrotis College expands cooperation with EIT Food
13th November 2020

The cooperation of Perrotis College with EIT Food continues this academic year with the participation of faculty in various activities. EIT Food, an independent E.U. body, is an initiative for innovation and sustainability in the food sector, with the participation of companies, institutions and universities from European countries. It contributes to the development of new knowledge and technologies that offer a healthier way of life to European citizens.

More specifically, Perrotis College professors participated in the following EIT Food activities:

  • Representatives of six European countries participated in the "Food RIS Consumer Engagement Labs".  Perrotis College, as an academic institution, undertook the formation and coordination of the Greek consortium (cluster) that participated in the project (Perrotis College, E.G. PASSIAS SA, and the start-up company, Exoha).  With specific methodology and protocols, information and ideas were collected from consumers. The ultimate goal is to produce an innovative product aimed at a similar group of consumers that will be introduced to the market;
  • Dr. Lalou participated in the "Future Food Ventures Summer School". The purpose of the school was to develop food-related business proposals based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The winning proposal by Dr. Lalou's team concerned the manufacture of packaging material from industrial waste that extends the life of the product and was awarded for its holistic approach and viability. The winning team will participate in the "Center for Global Equality";
  • The Academic Dean of Undergraduate Programs Dr. Rotsios along with the Chair of the New Food Product and Business Development M.Sc. program, Dr. Kiki Zinoviadou participated in the "New Product Development for the Food Industry School". The school was attended by 40 representatives of the academic community and industry from various countries. Participants gained knowledge on the tools, techniques and methodologies for developing new products in the food industry. Dr. Zinoviadou's team won the prize for the "most innovative idea / thinking out of the box idea".
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