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Perrotis College and Alpha Bank collaborate to support competitiveness in the agro-food sector
18th January 2021

Perrotis College has formed a significant partnership with Alpha Bank with the aim to substantially strengthen the competitiveness of food businesses, through the provision of specialized consulting services, as part of the EaSI Microfinance Guarantee Program ("Employment and Social Innovation - EaSI Guarantee Facility") by the European Investment Fund (ETA).

Alpha Bank recommends Perrotis College as an advisor for issues related to agriculture, agro-food entrepreneurship, agro-tourism, utilization of natural resources, protection of the environment and many more, both because of the excellent know-how and reputation in the field of consulting services in the wider agri-food sector, but also because it maintains a wide network of experts and partners and offers a large number of training programs, vocational training and specialized support.

Indicatively, Perrotis College can meet the consulting needs of an agro-food business on:

  • process optimization
  • sales growth
  • production improvement
  • development of new products and services
  • processing and standardization of products and services
  • efficient management of resources
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