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InterHEI - Insight Academy 2022 Call for academic start-up and spin-off companies - Insight Academy 2022!
18th October 2022

Call for academic start-up and spin-off companies - Insight Academy 2022!

We are glad to announce that our call for start-ups/spin-offs is open now! If you are an early-stage academic start-up or spin-off and you want to boost your company growth, take this opportunity and apply to Insight Academy support program now!


Insight Academyis an advisory and capability-building program and consists of two programs:

In the first program (start-up/spin-off support program), it helps scientific organisations’ early-stage start-up and spin-off companies relevant to contemporary agrifood and health systems by offering support services such as scale-up and consultancy on e.g. access to project funding opportunities,product development, etc.

In the second program (Insight Academy), it offers to scientific organisations' academic and non-academic staff interested in spinning off innovative companies insights into the complexity of food and health systems, state-of-the-art technologies and innovations, actual needs of industries and customers/patients, sectorial regulations, and funding and capital market for innovative start-ups by professionals working in the field of food and health innovations from industry, academia and European institutions. Participants will gain insights into emerging food and health technologies and research trends, becoming equipped with knowledge needed to contribute and better develop their innovation eco-systems through the creation and operation of more sustainable and competitive start-up and spin-off companies related to food and health sectors. 


Insight Academy is part of the InterHEI project, a pan-European consortium realizing the Interdisciplinary HEI Entrepreneurship Fostering Program. The InterHEI, under the leadership of the University of Warsaw, brings together consortium partners from Greece, Italy, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, and Ukraine, providing high-quality knowledge and best practices in the food and health area.


Who can apply

The call for academic start-up and spin-off companies in 2022 is focused on supporting early-stage companies operating under one of the EIT Food innovation focus areas (please see the list HERE) or health related areas such as dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, and food safety.


How it works

The Insight Academy’s start-up/spin-off support program is comprised of up to 16 hoursonline mentoring/consultancy sessions and follow-up activities and delivered by the TÜBİTAK Marmara Research Center (TÜBİTAK MAM), providing their expertise and experience in R&D, scale-up and mentoringof start-up/spin-off relevant to the contemporary agrifood and health systems (for more information about organisers’ competencies, please visit the TÜBİTAK MAM website at ( participant start-up/spin-off companies will be provided with the flexibility to configure their mentoring/consultancy with organisers at their convenience. The organizer reserves the right to change the prescribed hours and types of services.

Participant start-up/spin-off companiesdo not pay tuition fee.

For more information, please download the Insight Academy’s start-up/spin-off support programBrochurefeaturing some of aspects of the program.



The Insight Academy’s start-up/spin-off support program will be held online starting on the 27thof October and will last for a minimum of two months.

Apply today!

Applications are open from 15thof October till the 21st of October for applicants. For more information on how to apply, please contact Emel Önder Fırat( and İrem Abacı (


InterHEI Brochure - Insight Academy 2022 - Start-up_Spin-off Support


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