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From Ghana to Perrotis College
14th November 2022

Thomas Anderson had a very specific goal; to become one of the top agronomists in his country, Ghana. To this end, he chose Perrotis College for his graduate studies in Sustainable Agriculture and Management. Thanks to the Institution’s Scholarship Program and with the support of Detas Foundation, he was able to enroll this Fall.

He was born in 1991 in Breku, Central Ghana. He travelled almost 6,000 km to Thessaloniki to get one step closer to his goal. Thomas holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agriculture a Master’s degree in Plant Crop Science from the University of Ghana. “I wanted to enrich my studies with another Master’s degree. My search led me to Perrotis College and the first online impression was very positive. Perrotis College faculty was excellent and very supportive throughout our contact. It was a quick decision that brought me to campus on October 13th” he says. Thomas was impressed by the state-of-the-art facilities and overall campus. “Perrotis College feels like a family. I had such a warm welcome which made me feel like a member of this family”, he mentions adding that his professors are very friendly and approachable. “Sustainable and precision agriculture is the future and I have decided to invest in that. After completing my studies, my ambition is to return to my hometown and start my own business. I am sure that everything I learn here at Perrotis College will be invaluable for my future career. I will make full use of the knowledge I will gain here to be able to manage and provide solutions to the farmers’ problems back in my hometown», he says.

Thank you, Thomas, for choosing Perrotis College!

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